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Internet marketing entrepreneur Oliver Momeni has launched a series of online courses and programs at, which include courses such as: Webinar-DNA, Product Creation 360, Ultimate Scopes, Speaker On Fire. He recently launched a book on how to become an authority online, “Self-Made Authority”.

Oliver Momeni, an entrepreneur who launched his online marketing career in 2008, has incorporated his marketing expertise and experience into several new courses offered at These all focus on the resources available to businesses and entrepreneurs to help get their message across to as many followers as possible.

The site now offers courses such as Webinar DNA, Product Creation 360, Ultimate Scopes and Speaker on Fire. And he recently launched a book on how to become an authority online, Self-Made Authority – Delivering Your Message To The Online World, which walks readers through all of the tools available for getting their message out there and shows how to position themselves as the go-to person in their field.

Visitors can find all the programs, services, courses, and the book directly on his website. Momeni specializes in digital product creation, public speaking, webinar consulting and offers his expertise in multiple programs. The following is a run down of the internet marketing expert’s offerings and their benefits.

Webinar DNA: The course runs through how to create live/automated webinars and how to use them for promotion and profit. Webinar marketing is one of the most lucrative choices for online marketers and are very cost-efficient according to studies. This course will teach you the secrets to having webinars that fill up and convert like gangbusters.

Product Creation 360: In this course you will discover how to create successful digital information products in no time, weather your new to the online world or you already have an online business. The course will show you how to create information products from scratch even if you have no product idea and launch them in no time to a hungry crowd.

Ultimate Scopes: This online course has been created to guide you through how to create a social media marketing funnel using Periscope. It has everything you need to get started and learn to master the use of Periscope as an integral component of your professional marketing and communications strategy. Leverage Periscope to brand your business, drive more traffic and build a loyal following using live broadcasting.

Speaker on Fire: Tap into Oliver’s public speaker coaching and achieve amazing results, just after a few sessions. His public speaker one-on-one training guarantees individual attention, personal direction and advice about your own presentation style. Take the step from a nervous novice to speak to savvy pro eager to address.

Self-Made Authority: Here is a book that shares the personal story of Oliver Momeni, who suffered an illness, and began his online business from home. He shares his path to success and covers the many aspects of online marketing that entrepreneurs and businesses can use to their advantage. Important areas such as webinar marketing, book publishing, online broadcasting, social media marketing and much more are covered. It also enables readers to discover the power of community, how to communicate effectively without using traditional media, and applying creativity to the whole process.

A Wide Range of Programs and Services offers many other programs, and services including one-on-one coaching, plus a multi-package webinar production service. Furthermore he offers 2 Mastermind groups, “Gold” and “Platinum”. Both groups are overseen by Momeni Media. Each group enables participants to learn from others’ experiences and mistakes, network with like-minded individuals, and reach out to industry experts.

Discussion topics include internet marketing, e.g. digital product creation, webinar marketing, branding, and the mindset for building a thriving profitable community.

Oliver also offers public motivational speaking services for corporate events. Furthermore he offers Talk 30 as well, which is a 30 minute one-on-one call with discussions based on a questionnaire provided.

For more information about Oliver Momeni, his experience, programs, services and courses (with options and pricing), and to access his book Self-Made Authority, go to

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