Bringing The Magic Back To Chicago

Magic is something that reaches people of all ages, connecting them with a childlike sense of wonder. In stories, magicians and wizards make wishes and dreams a reality for the worthy. While he may not be capable of granting wishes just yet, one such wizard, Edd Fairman, has just had his own wishes granted in Chicago. The Wizard of Sorts-as he’s generally known-has just announced that he has been invited to be the featured act at the Chicago Magic Lounge on the 26th of May.

Chicago, IL – No matter the type or size of a corporate or social event, mentalist Edd Fairman is incredibly skilled in the art of leaving an audience howling for more, while making his client look great. Whether it’s a conference, convention, training seminar, or dinner, Wizard of Sorts a fully customized show that incorporates a company’s values and message into a show of comedy and magic. Fairman performs clean, family friendly shows, but that’s just part of the reason that his extensive list of clients-including Ford Motors, Harris Bank, and the Four Season Hotels-is not only expanding, but coming back for more.

Fairman is constantly in demand, thanks to the hilariously entertaining spin he puts on his magic routine, which he’s been using to captivate and engage audiences for over 200 shows per year. And although several of those shows have been at the Chicago Magic Lounge, this time around it’s a little different. This May, The Wizard of Sorts will be the featured act at the venue, proving that his act really is magical. Using his quick wit, improvisational background, and delightfully enthusiastic personality, he hopes to win over his audience once again this year.

“One of the best things about his act is the way that he performs up close and personal with the audience,” explains Kyle Greene, an audience member at several of Fairman’s past Chicago shows. “The last time I saw him, the room was pretty packed and it was a fairly large venue at that. But Edd makes each guest feel like they’re a part of the show, whether they really are or not. His tricks leave you speechless and his comedy leaves you reeling, but it’s the way he’s able to integrate a company message and values into an act that you’re going to remember that’s the real magic trick. He actually makes you feel like you’re dying to know more, no matter how boring the company might be otherwise.”

Any performance given by Edd Fairman is personal and engaging, and leaves audiences at a loss for words. Fairman performs at any type of event, including college campus programs, trade shows, conferences, client dinners, general parties, and a wide array of other venues. The Wizard of Sorts will be performing as the featured act at the Chicago Magic Lounge on the 26th of May, after which he will continue on, planning on appearing at just about any event that could use a little magic.

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