Cloud9 Real Time Talks Of VPS and Announces Investment in Client Support

Cloud9 Real Time, a popular a cloud technology and software solutions company based out of San Diego, California, is currently offering custom virtual private servers and QuickBooks® Hosting. The company management recently talked to a small ground of local press people, where they discussed many of the concerns that clients have with regards to Cloud Technologies. Also, the team members announced their expansion and recent investment in customer support.

With years of experience behind them, Cloud9 Real Time recently talked about many things, including Cloud Hosting and the need for VPS. The small meeting was attended by the marketing professionals and operational managers, who talked about the scope that businesses have with Cloud Technologies.

The marketing head started with their announcement, which was about better infrastructure and support for clients and customers, and the company announced that they have upgraded and invested in their current system. The company honchos added that Cloud9 Real Time has always been about customers, and with their recent infrastructure changes, they are at par with leading international companies.

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The main operational manager of also added the company is aimed at helping businesses and clients stay ahead of the curve, and for that, they are focused on trusted QuickBooks® Hosting. The honchos also answered a lot of other questions, related to Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), Hosted QuickBooks, and Hosted Exchange. On being asked about their plans for clients looking for customized Virtual Private Servers, he added that the company has always taken a giant leap in that direction and they are willing to offer the extreme assistance.

The team behind operations also talked about why custom Virtual Server can be the ultimate solution for clients. The marketing head added that custom VPS will help businesses with economies of scale and security, while also reducing the IT anxiety. He added that with VPS, businesses can have services like 24/7 cloud access, disaster recovery, and automatic updates, and other advantages include reduced expenses and risks.

About the pricing, the company added that they are not looking for a single price, because their services are customizable. As it was before, all clients can request for new quotes, and the company will be offering specialized teams to help and assist with all queries. The marketing and PR head also added that Cloud9 Real Time doesn’t just want to be a service provider, but they want to help businesses in finding ultimate cloud solutions, and they are willing to take a step ahead for that.

No wonder, the companies looking for private servers should find their services helpful.

About Cloud9 Real Time

Cloud9 Real Time is an experienced company offering cloud solutions to clients worldwide. Based out of San Diego, California, the company offers VPS solutions and QuickBooks® Hosting, apart from hosting over 750 added applications. The company recently updated their infrastructure to offer unparalleled support to clients. With numerous collaborations with successful businesses and startups in the world, Cloud9 Real Time has created its own niche in a very small time.

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