McLogan Supply Co. Announces Great Offers on Silkscreen and Sign Supplies

McLogan Supply Co., Inc, one of the known and oldest of silkscreen and sign supply companies of California, recently organized a special press meet with the local press to discuss their products and amazing discounts on offer. The company heads and some of their managers attended the event and announced many new aspects of their online services in a small meeting cum discussion session.

With a whole team of marketing managers, company honchos and manages, McLogan Supply Co., Inc. organized a small local press meet, where the company tried to bring attention to their range of products, including heat press, swing press, starter kits and much more. Many of the heads also answered some of the questions that clients and customers had asked on their website.

The marketing head of the company announced that the website of McLogan will now offer access to all of their products, ensuring that clients have no issues in getting products. He added that the company has been trying to reach more customers with the new web portal, which will be backed by incredible support for all kinds of purchases. He said that no matter whether clients are buying silk screen kit or any of their equipment, they will get access to all products right on the website.

The public relations team also announced that McLogan has been focused on customer service and great pricing, and they will continue to offer the same with the website. He added that customers looking for heat transfer vinyl and other products can now get great discounts as they order online. The discounts will now show on every single product page, and customers can contact the company directly if there are any confusions.

The company’s main operations manager continued to add that McLogan Supply Co., Inc. has been in business for close to nine decades, and they want to be more than just a seller for their clients. The company also intends to offer help and assistance to clients who want to know more details about screen printing and sign supplies.

McLogan team also added that they want to be of great support for new businesses and startups, offering them quick assistance on choosing all kinds of products. The marketing team assured that the company now has the perfect infrastructure to handle small and big orders, and they are willing to expand their services in customer support in days to come.

No wonder, this 92-year old brand has found big success in California, and with their efforts to churn better range of products and even more genuine range of customer services, they are surely moving ahead.

About McLogan Supply Co., Inc

McLogan Supply Co., Inc. is a professional seller of silkscreen and sign supplies in California, with more than 92 years of experience. The company is known for its extensive range of equipment, screen supplies and transfer paper and much more, while they also have a big name in client support and customer assistance.

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