Let Your Kids Have Some Fun Time with Bubble Football

United States, May 19th, 2016 Bubble football is one of the most popular sport  all over the world. The game of bubble football can be played indoors or in a sports hall or outdoors on grass. The game of bubble football can be played by anyone who is over the age of 10 years, and you can play along with friends or take a part of the corporate team building activates.

High quality bubble footballs are now made available by Oiart Group Limited who specializes in bubble footballs, human size hamster balls, water bubble balls and many other inflatable products. They provide these products to various sports goods distributors, to various theme parks suppliers and event planners and so on.

Talking about their products, the spokesperson from Oiart Group Limited said, “We have wide range of bubble footballs which range from multi colored striped bubble footballs, single colored striped bubble footballs and even clear bubble footballs. We also specialize in bubble football for kids which are manufactured using high level of standards. Our company also have certifications for the bubble footballs, the details of which can be viewed on our website.”

The new bubble football range has been launched by Oiart Group Limited in various sizes and in PVC and TPU. There are different products for kids, teens and adults. Players can base on their requirement choose the right kind of bubble football.

The kids bubble footballs are available as inflatable. It’s PVC and TPU material. And a part of these products from Oiart Group Limited provided with free express shipping to North America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Western Europe. All these products also included with the Air blower (one piece is sent for every 6 balls) and repair kits. For example, TPU bubble football for kids has the ball size of 1.0 or 1.2 meter and the buyers can place orders from the official website of Oiart Group Limited. They can choose the quantity, the color as well as the thickness of the bubble football and the price would depend on all the above mentioned factors. 

“The bubble footballs also can be free customized with a custom logo when the order placed is more than 10 in quantity. All the bubble footballs are CE and RoHs certified, and they are quite easy to set up as well as deflate. All these have reliable structures and hence are durable. The time taken to deliver the orders for clear bubble footballs is about 2 weeks and if the user chooses a specific color then it would take about 3 weeks for the products to get delivered, “said the current spokesperson of the company.

Users from across the world can now buy bubble football online from the official website of Oiart Group Limited. For more details or to make an enquiry, one can visit the website at http://www.thebubblefootball.com  , call them on (+86) 755-36637588 or drop them an email with the query on sales@thebubblefootball.com

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