Latest Book Trilogy Explores Benefits of Total Wellness To Tackle Obesity Issues

New book trilogy “The Chubby Trilogy” by author Kat Hibbard offers a realistic insight on the obesity and body image issues today and shows how total wellness could improve someone inside and out.

Elmhurst, Illinois, 19th May 2016: With an alarming 78.6 million of adults in America suffering from overweight issues, obesity is no doubt a growing problem today. The latest book trilogy “The Chubby Trilogy” by author Kat Hibbard offers a realistic take on contemporary obesity & body image issues and shows how total wellness programs can be an effective solution to weight problems.

The trilogy is composed of Chubby Chasers, Chance Chasers and Challenge Chasers.

Hibbard’s new trilogy tracks the story of Carrolyyn Davidson, a young woman in her mid-30s residing in Chicago. Carrolyyn carries a dual personality where she is a very smart and successful event planner during the day while at night she struggles with OCD, binge eating and social anxiety. She follows the same mundane routine every day, puts on the very same 6 outfits and does not care for beauty, health and wellness. She is unable to function without her comfort foods which are further abetting her obesity problems.

The Trilogy is the second series of production by Hibbard. Her first book Bullets” was a heart-wrenching memoir about the struggle of growing up amidst domestic violence. Inspired by the author’s own childhood experiences, the book was released back in 2007. Her second book is Chubby Chasers followed by the other two books in the trilogy.

“This time, I authored and published a trilogy themed on a character in mid-30s, crippled by severe OCD, binge eating disorders and social anxiety. Surprisingly, on another hand, she is quite a smart event planner who is ironically working on a contest called ‘The Fastest Trim Down’. It is there she meets a famous fitness guru who asks her to take part in the contest as a participant. Chubby Chasers is full of many unforeseen and interesting twists that will intrigue the readers”, the author said while introducing the new trilogy.

Carrolyyn’s mundane life takes a new twist when suddenly she stumbles upon The three books map her journey of discovering the actual woman hidden inside her obese frame and how she finds out the role played by her genetics & heritage in making her the socially anxious and the obese person that she is today.

In the meantime, when the fitness guru of her event’s weight loss contest asks her to take part in the competition, she finally decides to take the plunge. The book shows how Carrolyyn fought her inner demons and opted for complete wellness to improve herself inside & out. Finally she even convinces the fitness guru to include “total wellness” as a solution in her Trim Down contest rather than solely focusing on weight.

“There is a little bit of Carrolyyn in all of us. The trilogy is a very realistic insight on a real human condition today and I loved the emotional roller-coaster followed by a feel good victorious ending”, said a happy reader of The Chubby Trilogy.

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