Pope Francis’ Ok of ISIS – “Same as Christian Conquest” Doesn’t Justify Crusades, Dark Ages: Expert

Muhammad was mentored by Catholic khadijah which explains Mary, Fatima and militancy in both religions when Christ said His servants did not fight. The pope is misrepresenting the Bible and inviting Muslim refugees is a huge risk.

Speaking of ISIS and its war of conquest, Pope Francis said “it is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam. However, it is also possible to interpret…Jesus sending his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest.” (Interview: France’s La Croix)

Whoa! Where did he get the idea that Christ condoned slaughter of infidels when His methods had nothing to do with force. Did Francis forget Christ told Pilate, “My kingdom is not of this world…[otherwise] would my servants fight,” asks Dr. Richard Ruhling, Chrisian author who offers the following information.

The papacy has a long history of fighting. Khadijah, a wealthy nun, married young Muhammed and arranged for Catholic mentoring, which explains the central role of Mary and Fatima to both religions. The strategy was to get Jerusalem from Jews and Evangelical Christians and give it to the Vatican, but when Islam reneged, the Crusades began. Maybe that’s why Francis said ISIS and Christian conquest is “the same idea.”

Rome is seen as the “Mother of Abominations” in Revelation 17 where she has the imagery of a harlot involved with kings and governments, decked in gold (wealthy) and scarlet (color of cardinals) “drunken with the blood of saints (50 millions Protestants are estimated to have been martyred in the Dark Ages) and Rome sits on seven hills—no other entity fits so well.

Why is Francis doing this? Is he hoping the Muslim nations will have vote him to be in charge of the United Nations New World Order? That’s also the imagery of Revelation 17 where the woman rides the beast (governments are represented by beasts in the Bible like Daniel 7.)

It’s ok if the pope wants to invite a few Muslim refugees to the Vatican, but to tell other nations to do it by the millions with an estimated cost to Germany of $93 billion euros seems like suicide. Wasn’t it God who scattered the people from the Tower of Babel, but now a European Union takes their poster from it, “Many tongues: One Voice.”

This information is not against the millions of sincere Catholic Christians who live up to the light they have, but church leaders (Evangelical as well) are not conveying sound biblical messages for our time when many think a New World Order with the pope in charge would be fine.

Jack Chick, a Protestant publisher said, “Rome in a position of weakness is as gentle as a lamb. Rome in a position of equality, is as clever as a fox. Rome in a position of strength is as fierce as a tiger.” Stage three comes with New World Order.

After describing Babylon in Revelation (above), the last warning in the 18th chapter says it is fallen and those who partake of her sins will receive of her plagues. The call is for God’s people to come out and be separate. Ecumenism ends in a serious loss of destiny. The Bible promises salvation to “overcomers” in the churches of Revelation 2 and 3. The large number of pedophile priests is evidence of a false belief system.

In spite of Pope Francis favoring militancy for Christians, information like this may soon be classified as “hate speech” and forbidden or punishable, but this writer hates no one. If life were a college course, we seem to be coming to final exams and since we remember better what we read, maybe we could discover why the Bible is the all-time best seller. Like the cornflake ad, taste it again for the first time, says Ruhling.

Dr. Richard Ruhling is author of The Alpha & Omega Bible Code that has mostly 4-5 star reviews on Amazon with other ebooks that are free on Saturday at http://amzn.to/1JTMjY9

He believes end-times could begin with a US megaquake on May 22, “as the days of Noah,” explained at http://bit.ly/1VQJT6w

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