HealthDoc Releases the Compiled Health Data Statistics in the City of North York, Ontario, Canada

HealthDoc releases their compiled data of North York Health Statistics in Ontario, Canada that contains all the major doctors and healthcare providers throughout the city as well as the statistics for different health issues of both male and female patients.  The purpose of the release is to help build awareness regarding healthcare issues and open the data to all residents in North York.

In the said report, there are more specialist physicians available in the city for every 100,000 of the population at 176%. On the other hand, there is also a high number of general or family physicians in the city at 64%, which allows the residents to get an average of 92.7% of life satisfaction in the city. The send of community belonging is also high at 61.8%, which shows a positive outlook between the residents in the city.

When it comes to the Health Statistics, the statistics for both male and female were divided as to know the difference of the affected person in every health problem. When it comes to male health condition, obesity or being overweight has the biggest percentage with around 68.9%. It is followed by high blood pressure with 24.7% and, then arthritis with 17.6%. The lowest health problem included in the statistical report was asthma with a total of 5.7%. Other health conditions included were diabetes and mood disorder with diabetes having 8.4% while the latter has 6.1%.

For the females, the statistics show that obesity or being overweight is also the health problem with the highest percentage which is around 51.8%. It is followed by arthritis with 20.8% and diabetes as the least percentage that covers around 6.6% of females in the city. Unlike the health issues with males, the health statistics of females with high blood pressure is lower at 19.6%, asthma with 10.85 and mood disorder with only 9.8%.

When it comes to health behaviors, the North York Health Statistics show that 59.8% of males spend their leisure time on physical activities. This range from moderately active to active status. It is also followed by a 33.15 consumption of more than 5 vegetables and fruits and ensuring protection when engaged with common activities like cycling with 31.8% of males using bike helmet. The rest were heavy drinking, daily smoker, and occasional smokers.

The Health Statistics for health behaviors with females show that about 50.7% of women are also spending their leisure time with physical activities, 45% of them are consuming more than 5 kinds of fruits and vegetables and then followed by bike helmet use. There were low percentage of females recorded who are engaged with heavy drinking, daily smoking, and occasional smoking.

The compiled date released by shows that residents of North York can actually get a complete overview of the health statistics in their area and be aware of the percentage of residents suffering from certain health conditions.

According to Wilson Shek of “This data is out there, but few people have been able to get an overview of the state of Canadian health until we put this infographic together,” He also added “The idea is to make Canadians aware of health risks they face day to day.”

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