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Cats Know Best, a website about the best products for cats, owner advice and tips, is now live. The new site can now be viewed at

Founded by Lolita and her husband, Cats Know Best aims to be the number one source for all things related to cat. The site provides news, product reviews and any other information beneficial to cat owners.

Everything started when Lolita was looking to purchase a cat feeder for her cat, but she could not find any good information or advice on the web. According to Lolita, everything seemed unorganized and not helpful at all. They decided to change that and help other cat owners by researching the products on their own.

Cats Know Best stands by recommending only the best products for cats and providing accurate advice to feline owners. The site reviews the best cat products on the market so that feline owners don’t have to waste their money and time buying products that are not good for their pet. Some of the products they review include auto cat feeders, auto litter boxes, cat water fountains as well as food, toys and accessories for cats. Cats Know Best also provides proper grooming advice to cat owners. This includes providing recommendations on the best cat shampoo for allergies, fleas, dandruff and more.

Cats have been kept as pets for about 4,000 years now. In the past, cats were kept for their hunting ability but people today want to keep them as they provide good company. Cats are a source of joy for many people, but owning a feline means taking care of them and getting the right items that would ensure they feel at home and are happy. They need a litter box, a water fountain and a food bowl. Keeping the cat occupied is also important. Cat owners can use toys to bond with their feline. Toys also help the cat’s physical and mental development. Depending on their tastes, cat owners can get a collar, training aids to keep cats off the furniture, a leash to walk their feline outside, scratching posts and other items.

Cat owners need to ensure that the product they are getting for their pet is of high quality and fits their budget. There’s a huge amount of information on the web that cat owners may find it overwhelming and hard to choose which one to believe. Some products provide more value than others. Cats Know Best provides cat owners with helpful facts. The founders of the site personally test the products they review to provide cat owners with facts that would really help them. From the best food and water bowls to litter boxes, they do their best to read reviews about how cats love certain products.

Cats Know Best aims to post information and articles on the website on a regular basis in order for their readers to have something new to read when they visit the site.

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