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Brand innovation experts partner with select, affluent companies to assist in their marketing and reputation management strategies.

Carterville, Illinois – “Without a solid local and online business reputation, it is very difficult – if not impossible – for a business to continue to grow and prosper,” according to visionary entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Evolve Strategic Consulting, Chris McMillin. “A company’s reputation is their single most important piece of their marketing puzzle; it is what helps set them apart from their competitors in the eyes of their potential customers.” Evolve Strategic Consulting is known as the leading brand innovation experts in the marketing industry, partnering with select, affluent brands nationwide.

In an age where social media dominates the way people share information, ideas, and strategies while making and building connections with peers, brand reputation management is a crucial aspect of running and growing a business locally and online. “When people have a great experience with a particular brand, company, or product, they are eager to share their experience with their family and friends. The same is true when a customer has a poor experience,” McMillin says. “Many times, people are quick to remember a poor review, including the way the company handled the poor feedback.”

Despite this fact, McMillin states that many companies still overlook the importance of monitoring and managing their online reputation.

“Many companies today are quick to ask their customers for feedback on their shopping experience through sites like Yelp! and Google reviews, but fail to follow up with the management and maintenance aspect of their online reputation. It is crucial for companies to monitor consistently what their customers are saying about them online; it can be the difference between earning a new clients trust or hand-delivering a new prospect to their competition.”

Companies currently using the brand reputation management and marketing services offered by Evolve Strategic Consulting enjoy benefits such as monitoring their online reputation through dozens of social media platforms and websites, as well as engage in conversations that their customers are having about their company.  Additionally, the service also allows these companies to monitor their competition, enabling them to “stay ahead of the game in the online arena.”

“When a corporation engages in any feedback or conversation that their customers are having online, it shows their customers that they care about their opinions. Many customers today feel as though ‘big business’ cares more about their bottom line than the people they serve. Reputation management services like those offered by Evolve Strategic Consulting aims to help businesses improve their online and local reputation through innovative ways to engage with their clients and customers,” adds McMillin.

In the growing online market where millions of people are turning to the internet to determine a company’s reputation based on the online feedback provided by other customers, friends, or relatives, managing a company’s online reputation has become an increasingly difficult, yet critical aspect of growing a business. McMillin stresses the importance of hiring an experienced firm such as Evolve Strategic Consulting, to help manage and monitor their online reputation.

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