The book ‘The Eyes Have It’ sheds light on importance of setting the right vision for Tennis

‘The Eyes Have It: 28 Essays on Vision training for tennis’ is the new book by tennis professional Bill Patton, which is aimed to help the Tennis enthusiasts in setting the right vision to learn and practice Tennis. The book is not claimed to be a guide to teach the reader ‘how to play tennis’ but rather it is meant to help them be focused towards their main goal that is to master Tennis.

“I have seen this often that a number of beginners are not able to achieve the desired goals while learning Tennis and most of them give up before they even begin. It becomes really important to have the right vision and dedication while learning sports such as Tennis. ‘The Eyes Have it’ is meant to do just that,” says author Bill Patton in his interview.

Patton goes by the old age saying, ‘keep your eye on the ball’ and in his book, he motivates the young sportsman to do the same, using various methods. The book will uncover the power vision and how it can help the learner in mastering the sport. A right state of mind is highly important while learning any sport as it keeps the player going and letting them push their limits to achieve perfection. In simple terms, the book will provide the desired motivation to the young players for learning tennis.

Author Bill Patton believes in thinking out of the box and his curious mind has led him to learn and explore many aspects of life. He has utilized his expertise of tennis and experiences of life to create the book which is focused towards the young sportsman or anyone who’s looking forward to learning Tennis.

He takes pride in being winning an NCS championship and now turning an author with his debut book ‘The Eyes have it’. Having 28 years of vast experience in the field, he is currently coaching the 7th different high school. He is an accomplished coach who has given many great results. Bill also has a Radio Blog at where the users can hear from some great coaches and learn something new without paying any cost.

Bill, along with his business partner Styrling Strother has also started USA Tennis Coach, LLC to train, mentor, certify and collaborate with high school tennis coaches. He is also a USPTA Elite Professional, PTR, and MTM Professional. The book can be purchased in Kindle and Paperback format on

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