XXL Cloud to offer solution to unstructured file data growth in organizations

XXL Cloud provides a convenient and reliable solution to the data storage problems faced by organizations nowadays. The company offers an easy and safe cloud storage option to organizations that generate huge amounts of data regularly. An organization with 2500 employees is estimated to generate around 25 TB of unstructured data per year, which becomes difficult to manage and is often very expensive. Also, according to Gartner, there is a 35% growth in unstructured data year over year, which would mean that an organization will have to double their storage capacity every 3 years. This is why XXL Cloud has come up with a secure cloud storage option where the organizations can store their data without worrying about its safety, management or maintenance.

Apart from the storage cost, the organization also has to consider the cost of hardware, software and IT hours spent in managing, protecting and sharing the data. The average cost incurred in storing and managing 1 TB of on-site data is estimated at $3351 which may be expensive for a lot of organizations. When considering backups and disaster recovery plans, costs can rise even further, reaching a mere $17.000per Terabyte of data for a complete data storage solution.

Cloud storage for business becomes crucial considering the fact that 64% of companies face data loss or downtime each year and $1.7 Trillion is the estimated cost of the data loss to businesses every year. Some of the organizations may turn to supporting technologies such as WAN acceleration ($8000 per location) and Sync & sharing solutions ($450/user) for their data storage issues but the cost of such supporting technologies is high, plus it also increases the complexity as the organization’s size grows.

Another fact states that managing 150 TB of data would require a full-time storage expert with an average salary of $140,000 however; XXL cloud storage provides a better and cost effective solution to all these woes.

XXL Cloud storage for business offers secure cloud storage, backup and file sharing options at an affordable price. It does not require any training sessions and the features are easy to understand through intuitive interfaces. Unlike other cloud storage services, XXL cloud storage runs on the organizations dedicated hardware to offer 100% privacy within their own network, or as a hybrid solution, depending on business demands or the number of users the system needs to serve.

All the installations are carried out and maintained by trained professionals while the software is updated frequently. To ensure, the maximum level of security the system uses security cleared personnel to monitor and maintain the installation. The client can choose storage options in multiples of 6 TB, and storage services can be installed according to the location of the corporate offices. XXL’s cloud storage for business can be set up in any country across the globe.

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