Internet Dating is not always Roses And Wine, Latest Crime Novel Reveals Dark Side

Latest crime story “The Red Road to Hades” by author Charles W. Massie shows domestic abuse issue from male perception and also a “must-grab” for anybody contemplating internet-based relationship.

Burkesville, KY – May 20, 2016 – With communication getting digitized at large, many are hopeful to find their soul mate from the virtual route. But relationship through internet is not always about beautiful roses and wine. Based on true events, latest crime novel “The Red Road to Hades” by Reader’s Digest author Charles W. Massie shows online dating can be prickly too if not proceeded with caution. Priced at $8.99 for kindle and $24.95 for paperback edition, the book is already made available to purchase on Amazon.

The novel starts with the tale of a spirited retired, New York based gentleman who is looking forward to bring positive changes in his life, on various levels. There are times when one yearns to shift to some new locale for better opportunities, new excitements and possibly, new romance. Massie’s retired gentleman from the novel is one such enthusiastic man who lands up with the new-age internet dating spree to enliven his romantic possibilities.

Luck smiles on him and finally he meets a superb dashing diva from Kentucky through Craig’s List who is willing to offer everything that he desires. The lady is not just a gorgeous redhead but also a smart business owner with an amazing sense of humor. Both of them take instant liking to each other and begin the lively chats through email & telephone. Finally, she invites the gentleman to her place, which he has already considered as his new locale.

Man meets lady in person and everything seems to be sheer magic. He is utterly delighted when he finds both of them share so many things in common and to him; she is just his ultimate soul mate that he has been yearning for so long.

It’s all lovey-dovey for them till they decide to live in together and then the actual fireworks start. The man is shocked to discover that his beloved ‘soul-mate’ is a dangerous black widow sadist in camouflage and on starts his painful journey into perdition.

“The most unfortunate part was that, apart from being abused by a sadist lover, he was subjected to severe emotional and physical abuse by a corrupted judicial system as well that even took him on the verge of death. But spirited that he was, he battled on with valor to guard his life, honor and possibly, his sanity. The story unfolds the true inspiring struggle of a man who used whatever he had left to survive against overwhelming odds,” stated Massie while talking about his latest true crime novel.

A former Petty officer, Charles Massie is a man of many parts. Throughout his eventful career, he had worked for mechanical engineering establishments, had a successful career in sales field and explored his great entrepreneurial spirits with several companies. A creative at heart, Massie has written for esteemed magazines including Reader’s Digest and had previously authored couple of true crime stories.

His latest novel presents the dark side of domestic abuse issue from male perspective and is also an interesting read for anybody contemplating internet-based relationship.

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