Purely Triton Joins a Charity Event to Help Kids with Cancer

LOS ANGELES, CA – 20 May, 2016 – Purely Triton Limited, a widely known manufacturer of handheld massagers and skin care products, is going to take part in a charity event at Kolkata (West Bengal) in India to raise funds for Bengali kids suffering from cancer. Though the company has its base in Hongkong, it’s an active participant in fundraising and charitable events in countries like China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, etc. This is the first time that Purely Triton will be in India.

Many celebrities from the Bollywood (Mumbai) film industry, athletes and business professionals from all across India and outside are also participating in this charitable event. Famous actors like Kabir Khan, Rakesh Mehra, Puja Sharma and Gracy Singh have promised to attend the event.

“Since West Bengali children often do not have the financial means to treat cancer, all of us need to extend to them and their families a helping hand,” said Hitoshi Hirano, CEO and founder of Purely Triton Limited.

The charity event will be organized at OM Plaza in Kolkata on the 6th June, 2016. It will remain running daily from 8 am to 4 pm for visitors until 9th June.

During the event, major attractions will include a softball game and numerous performances staged by famed theater and movie actors. Also, some social activists from the “India Children`s Coalition” will do presentations at the event to increase awareness about children`s cancer. The money raised through the event will be used to help pay for a children`s ward for cancer patients in Kolkata.

“Awareness must be created about the plight of South Asian children, who comprise almost 45 percent of children worldwide from 8 to 15 years old with bone marrow cancer,” said Elvis James, the executive director of Fight Against Cancer. “We need to do everything possible to help these kids and their families financially,” he added.

At the charity event, Purely Triton Limited will also put on display its popular product – the Pocket Mini Massager. The company will donate 30 percent of its proceeds from the sales towards building the aforementioned cancer ward. Moreover, the company will distribute 150 Pocket Mini Massagers for free to visitors on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of this charity event and help kids suffering from cancer, you should feel free to collect the event details from one of Purely Triton’s representatives at  800-852-5676. Or, you can visit the company website – www.mypersonalmassager.com – to get in touch with company officials.

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