GTP to Fork out Large Number of Free Copies of Four E-Books in May and June

GTP, a book publisher that has been publishing books on health and wellness topics for the last fifty years and counting, recently announced that free copies of selected new e-books will be up for grabs soon.

GTP, a reputed publisher that has been in the business of publishing paperback, hardback and e-books for more than fifty years, recently announced that four of their newest e-books would be available for free in select retail stores across the UK. The publishers confirmed that the free giveaway campaign would take place in the latter half of May and in June as well.

Paul Evans from GTP called a press conference today and announced that a limited number of free copies of four e-books, namely ‘Is This the World’s Easiest Yoga’, ‘Overcome the Body Chemical That Keeps You Fat’, ’80 Known and Little Known Doctor’s Tips & Secrets for Weight Loss’ and ‘Power Pilates’ would be available on ‘first come first grab’ basis in May and June this year. Paul added that they have already selected a number of retail sores across the country. He also said that only 800 free copies of each e-book will be up for grabs.

“People who are interested in living a healthier, happier life can now get free access to our expert authors by grabbing these books. You can grab any one of them or all four. What you need to do is visit participating stores to receive a free copy,” said Paul during the press conference.

“All the books contain amazing new information for the health and fitness conscious. For example, ‘Is This the World’s Easiest Yoga’ contains 36 easy exercises for body transformation and the ‘Overcome the Body Chemical That Keeps You Fat’ talks about how to get rid of the one main chemical that make people obese. On the other hand, the ‘Doctor’s Secrets for Weight Loss’ e-book features the tips and strategies shared by three eminent physicians. ‘Power Pilates’ is another information-rich e-book that would surely help people in regaining fitness,” Paul added.

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GTP is an independent publisher that has been publishing e-books on health and fitness for 50 years and counting.

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