Chinese National Research Science paper conference meeting was held in Shenzhen

20 Apr, 2016 – Shenzheng Chinese National Research Science paper conference meeting held in Shenzhen in Apr. 2016 by CAST (The China Association for Science and Technology) and  NFG during 2 days meeting.

CAST and National Natural Science Foundation of China will increase Science fund 9% in 2016 and 2017 Chinese government heavily invests in research and development to boost scientific research output and its international impact. funders tend to cover publishing costs including article-processing charges through research grants.

Result to Sector Ranking (by  science  paper  amount) in China 

1: University (sector)    

2: Chinese academy of sciences (sector)    

3: Company (sector)

4: Others and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) announced the first open access mandate at national level requiring researchers to make their work free access within 12 months of publication.

During meeting, MR Qin, Vice president OF CAST, said that “It is important encourage new  science result expand to world fastest. The major tasks of CAST are: i) to promote the advancement of science by means of scientific exchanges; ii) to popularizescientific knowledge among the general public; iii) to safeguard the legitimate rights of scientists and engineers and organize them to participate in the political life of the state; iv) to award scientists and engineers with outstanding contributions; v) to provide decision-making advice and other services to the government and industry on science and technology-related problems so as to contribute to the nation’s economic development; vi) to develop cooperative relations with the international science and technology communities; and vii) to develop continued education through various training programs. At present, CAST and its affiliated societies are members of more than 250 international scientific and engineering organizations.[3]”

MR (Aaron) Xue, Vice president of SIAT also said “It is important to china open door to world and connect to world.”

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