SEI Club Elite Dating Continues Expansion To Asia

LOS ANGELES CA – 21 May, 2016 – SEI Club, the dating playground for millionaires and billionaires, is continuing its expansion into the Asian market.

The exclusive, members-only dating and matchmaking service has been expanding its operations and its latest moves into the Asian market are part of its growth strategy, a spokesperson for the service said.

“With the enormous growth of the economy in many Asian countries, there are more successful professional singles who want to find a true romantic partner,” the spokesperson said. “Those are the people who are our target demographic, and we’re always working to find new ways to serve them.”

In late 2015 the service announced that it was expanding into Hong Kong and Singapore. Other locations are being carefully considered based on population, relative affluence and other metrics.

SEI Club works to connect affluent professional single men and women. One of the things that sets the service apart is its highly rigorous screening and application process. Each potential member must apply and then go through several layers of screening, including in-person meetings with someone from SEI Club’s executive team. The screening looks at each applicant’s attractiveness, education, professional success and personality. SEI Club reviews show the service works well for its members.

“We only accept the highest-caliber, most accomplished single men and women,” the spokesperson said. “We also only accept applicants who we believe are going to be able to form fulfilling romantic relationships with our members. Simple affluence is not enough. In order to become a member of SEI Club, someone also has to be a genuinely good, positive, healthy, bright person.”

In all, less than 35 percent of applicants are accepted, making the service extremely exclusive. There is also a financial requirement for membership, with basic memberships starting at $1,200 and other ranging up to $300,000. The service has also introduced what it calls the “Million Dollar Membership,” where members who pay $1,000,000 have access to unlimited matches for an unlimited period of time, anywhere in the world.

“We serve the financially, socially and culturally elite,” the spokesperson said. “We’ve found that there was interest from some of our member in a plan that would remove all restrictions, allowing them to find the right match on their own terms.” SEI club reviews showcase satisfied members – both gentlemen and women.

The cost is part of the way that the club ensures that every member is actually serious about finding a match. Once accepted, members are presented with a portfolio of potential matches based on their romantic preferences and relationship goals. Some members are looking for a long-term romantic partner, while others want to meet multiple people for casual dates and to see where things lead.

“Members can be sure of a few things, no matter what their goals,” the spokesperson said. “First, they know that they won’t waste their time meeting unsuitable matches, because our experienced team of matchmakers eliminates those in advance. Second, all of the potential matches they are presented with have been carefully considered and were made by people, not by computer algorithms. People at the level of success our members have reached demand the very best, and demand a personal touch in all things, and we work to ensure that’s what we always offer.”

In addition to creating a portfolio of matches, the service also handles arrangements for introductions. Dates are set up and then the service’s executive team follows up with both parties to follow up and get initial feedback.

The personalized attention and high levels of discretion that the service offers has made it popular with high-profile clients. Forbes billionaires, Fortune 500 CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, media figures and even members of the nobility have been members over the club’s lifespan.

“People who require privacy and discretion because of their positions in the public have always been happy with what we offer,” the spokesperson said. “They appreciate that every potential match has been screened carefully and that we work very hard to ensure confidentiality. Like all of our members, they are used to the highest levels of service and the finest things in life, and we always strive to meet or exceed their expectations.” SEI Club reviews verify this sentiment.

Another aspect that members praise is the worldwide reach of SEI Club. With offices in major cities around the world and members from many different countries, matches can be made across borders, if the member so desires.

“Because we cater to such an accomplished, international clientele, location can be less of a factor for some,” the spokesperson said. “If members want, we can connect them with matches anywhere in the world, and they can be sure that those matches are as high quality as the ones they’d find in their own city.”

The service’s continued expansion into Asia is designed to continue that ability by finding affluent, successful professionals who meet SEI Club’s profile. Many countries in Asia experiencing continuing economic expansion. India, for example, is expected to grow its economy by 7.5 percent in 2016, while China is expected to grow at 6.5 percent.

Those developing economies are creating more and more affluent professionals, allowing the service to keep making inroads in the region, the spokesperson said.

“We see so much potential in Asia. With more and more growth, more and more people are becoming excellent candidates who most appreciate the service, and our potential member base continues to expand. We have long been the premier dating service for successful professionals around the world, and we are going to continue in that role. No matter what countries we expand into, however, some things will never change. SEI Club will always have exceptionally high standards for our members, and we will always work to make sure they have the most luxurious and elegant dating and matchmaking service in the world.”

More information, including an application for membership, is available at SEI Club.

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