Newly Found Ancient Tombs Facilitate Merging of Historic Forces

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 21 May, 2016 – Recently discovered ancient tombs in North America are not only forcing historians to rethink the recording of history, but historic exploration and science teams are merging to handle the demand of a clamoring public for truth and answers regarding our ancient past.  The Hash Tags to follow are: #GoXplrr #WolterPulitzer #HuttonPulitzer #ScottWolter #FightForTruth

Recent advances in technology have forced an upgrade in archaeological thinking globally,” says Scott Wolter, Host of History Channel’s H2 hit “American Unearthed”. 

Problem is,” continues Wolter, “the academic community has been slow to embrace rapidly changing scientific technologies, and resistant to new theories and ideas about history, even combative at times.   The recorded history of mankind is now in direct conflict with what the mountain of new facts being recorded thanks to these scientific advances.”

News stories are breaking daily with new archaeological findings, which keep pushing back the timeline of man’s occupation on Earth and his ability to navigate great distances, and it is new scientific technologies that are the tools making such paramount discoveries possible.   

The historical forensic investigating communities, both for profit and not for profit; are going through an upgrade and transformation.  This is exactly why our organization and Wolter’s organization have executed this merger of facilities and talent,” states another History Channel notable Hutton Pulitzer from History Channels “Curse of Oak Island” hit TV series.

Recently announced is the merger of the operations of Scott Wolter, forensic geologist and forensic historian and the operations of Hutton Pulitzer, forensic historian and professional explorer.  The new company, which is a combining of Expedition History and Investigating History properties with the Wolter properties and expertise, is being rebranded as XplrR (read as Explorer).  Their activities are searchable online with the hash tag #GoXplrR.  “We are encouraging individuals and those passionate about history to become engaged in the discovery of the real facts and truth regarding history and encouraging them with the battle cry ‘Go Explorer!” claims Pulitzer.

With networks moving more and more to simple mindless reality TV, yet the public is clamoring for more engaging and factually detailed, intellectually stimulating entertainment, it was necessary to move some of our exploration work and forensic historical investigation projects to more modern digital platforms where the consumers drive the content not the whims of network television executives,” states Wolter.  

Imagine watching your favorite History Channel program such as ‘America Unearthed’ or ‘Curse of Oak Island’, but being able to download the full research case files, or being able to see 100% of the filmed exploration or dive into the testing results and lab results yourself” adds Pulitzer. 

In the new digital world, all of the production materials and content are viable and valuable to consumers.  They want to be engaged, not just mindlessly broadcast to.  Thus, when they see Scott or I on TV, they want to see all the facts, data and research we have and what we are using to solve historical enigmas.  The emerging digital TV and digital delivery platforms such as Apple TV are the only platforms giving the viewers what they really want and when it comes to TV consumption; it is a ‘consumer’s wants’ driven business.”

The new XplrR format will be available on Apple TV, PBS and in special direct to screen and TV Documentaries.  Pulitzer’s Publishing properties under the Investigating History Daily brand will be rebranded Go XplrR and his wildly popular Blog will stay so named.  This merger brings together the Wolter/Pulitzer Social Media audiences and gives the new XplrR entity a social media reach of about 26,422,448 followers and consumers as a result of their combined media platforms.

Wolter and Pulitzer say to expect several new long form documentaries of ground breaking ancient tombs found in America, a new series of Go XplrR books, several made for TV Specials and up to four spin off network TV series.  All with the new engaged and interactive formats consumers have come to expect.

You can find XplrR Media, Wolter and Pulitzer on all social media or by searching the hash tags #GoXplrr #WolterPulitzer #HuttonPulitzer #ScottWolter #FightForTruth

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