Kuester Management Group Shares Summer Safety Tips for Homeowners

Summer is a busy time with lots of activity, so Kuester Management Group highlights safety tips to keep HOA communities and homeowners safer.

School is almost out for the summer and many families are planning vacations and get-togethers. With this flurry of activity, it’s important to keep the safety of homes and families in mind, as accidents and break-ins are common during the summer. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group shares a few ways homeowners can be more proactive and stay safe while still enjoying the warm weather and vacations.

“Feeling safe in the neighborhood is important to families,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “You want to know that your neighbors are looking out for you just as you’re looking out for them. There are many steps that you can take to reduce risk and make the most of your vacation and time spent with loved ones.”

Summer is a popular time for families to go on vacation. Kuester recommends alerting trusting neighbors or friends and asking them to keep an eye on things. Set lights on timers and put a hold on mail delivery so it doesn’t look like the home is unoccupied. If homeowners will be gone for an extended period of time, they may want to alert the police so that local officers know to be more aware of potentially suspicious activity. Notifying the HOA can be beneficial as well.

“As tempting as it may be to announce your vacation plans on social media, this can also raise red flags and make your home more of a target,” says Kuester. “Even with controlled security settings, you never know who will become privy to information that you’re not home.”

Safety while at home is important too. Take extra caution when driving to be alert for children in or near the streets. They may dart out quickly to go after toys, or if they lose their balance on a bike or scooter. Make sure that all children are wearing helmets when riding bikes or skating to protect their heads.

If visiting the pool, keep a close eye on loved ones, even if they know how to swim. “Accidents at the pool can happen in the blink of an eye, so make sure you’re not distracted and are paying attention, especially if there are no lifeguards on duty,” says Kuester. “Use it as a time to play with your kids in the water together and enjoy some screen-free time.” It’s also a good idea to be trained in CPR should anyone need emergency help.

Another way to be proactive about safety is to keep grass and bushes trimmed. Snakes are very common around North and South Carolina, so reducing places where they could hide or go unseen that are close to porches, swing sets, and other common areas is important. Teach children to steer clear, even if the snake is not poisonous.

“Also be on the lookout for general safety concerns that you want to bring up to the HOA,” says Kuester. “This could include broken or faulty equipment, overgrown bushes, speeding, and other issues. Board members can’t be everywhere at once and may not know there is an issue unless a homeowner brings it to their attention.” Kuester Management Group supports HOAs in creating safer, more family-friendly communities where everyone enjoys living.


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