Fashion Hunter will be born in NewXshop, flower jewelry hunter debuts.

NewXshop is the fastest growing cross-border e-commerce giant in USA, Arab, East Africa. Its annual sales are over 80 million US dollar and more than 5000 daily shipments. NewXshop is committed to provide wide range of products at reasonable prices to the global market. It has successfully launched in Canada, France, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, UK and USA.

The tie-up of both customer centric companies will be a unique combination of best product and supply management system for European customers. NewXshop can now lower the delivery cost and continue offering faster delivery to European customers. With a goal to be world’s most customer-centric company, where customers from all over the world can find, discover & shop anything at NewXshop, this tie-up indeed is an important step towards it.

As a fashion hunter, NewXshop helps shoppers cut through the noisy online shopping environment to find exactly the products they’re looking for – and they can help brands get viewed by many new sets of eyes, without increasing to their marketing budgets. 

The NewXshop is a community-driven product hunter that helps fashion lovers find exact fashion jewelries they want by searching the key words. The NewXshop will then help to locate it, style it or find it for affordable. 

Individual customer can harness this tool by clicking relevant tag sections to see which products are being hunted. 

NewXshop scans through products from its inventory to what you’re looking for and it allows shoppers to sign up for email alerts when an item goes on sale. 

NewXshop (still in beta) is different from other online shops, because it totally relies on visuals. There’s no need for customers to type in their specifications; they just select what color, size and style they’re looking for.

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