Cutting Edge Company Displays “First-of-its-Kind” Communication

Tampa, FL – Internationally Recognized “Rapport 24/7” is taking their cutting edge technology to new heights as they unveil the latest version of their state of the art mobile video application, which happens to be the first of its kind. The world of video continues to change the landscape of the digital future and Rapport 24/7 continues to be the leader of this charge.

Rapport 24/7 was developed with businesses in mind, while taking into account the huge developmental strides of mobile communication. We have always had the capabilities of recording videos using a variety of devices. But never, thanks to the evolution of the smartphone, have we had the convenience of creating quality content focused video in under two minutes and all within the “palm-of-our-hands”. Well, that is until now!

The online market continues to rapidly expand. Globally consumers are showing a preference to engage online with video and Rapport 24/7 is doing their part in providing businesses with a state of the art platform to satisfy the consumers’ thirst for video. The Rapport 24/7 platform has taken every critical step into consideration from recording-creating, managing-storing and easy effective sharing.

“The entire process is choreographed between their unique Video Collection App and their Cloud-based Video Management Console. Our App enables anyone with a smartphone to record short videos that seamlessly are saved to the business’ account providing for an endless stream of short video to be considered for digital marketing campaigns,” says Steve Santorsola CEO of Rapport 24/7. The future of video is now and Rapport 24/7 has a key tool every business needs to manage their overall digital image right from the palm of your hand.

About Steve Santorsola

Steve is the CEO and Founder of Rapport 24/7. Along with being “The Authority” of Digital Video, he also has one step up on the future of communication. His mission is to create simple, easy-to-use solutions that empower and encourage businesses to be early adopters of video as their primary marketing communication medium “now”, so that they stand out as Industry Leaders. Those early adopters will be rewarded multifold due to video’s dynamic effect on Digital Marketing, Local SEO and Brand/Reputation Management.

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