“Trump It” Is A Game For Those Who Really Love Donald Trump

With TRUMP becoming the Republican nominee, American politics has become a heated topic around the world.  Game developers are taking their art to express their opinion with the presidential debate.  With the popularity of social media, all I see is “Trump this, Trump that” all over my newsfeed.  Now enters #TRUMPIT with Trump the most interesting mobile game take on the presidential candidate.


TRUMP IT puts you in the shoes of Trump and your mission is to become the POTUS by defeating monsters stage after stage until you collect all the states and win the nomination.  By tapping away on the bar you must defeat the obstacle in front of you.  Add up continuous taps and Trump spins his hair like a tornado (we all love his hair).  But it doesn’t stop there.  Miss your taps enough times and Trump turns into poop.  Check out the gameplay below.

When I downloaded and played the game, I found it very easy to pick up and extremely difficult to put down.  The music is great and the game makes you want to keep going and going just like an energizer bunny.  Aside from the interesting gameplay, the artwork is great.  You don’t only get to use Trump in his Trump branded suit wearing his Trump branded tie, you can also choose Boxing Trump, Cowboy Trump, and even NASA Trump.  Most interesting of all, drink beer to gain health!  Exactly what everyone dreams of. 


It was a fun game that had me hooked for a good week until I became POTUS.  It is available on either iOS or Android, so now everyone gets their fair share of Trump.  If you would like to play #TRUMPIT download the game yourself, you can head over to the iOS store or the Google Play Store.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/aQV5VpGAxBo

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iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/trump-it-vote-for-trump/id1104172222?l=zh&ls=1&mt=8

ANDROID: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Gamation.PollQuest

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