Robert L. Ruisi Releases His Personal Story of Alzheimer’s Affliction

Prior to Robert’s diagnosis, he was experiencing sporadic symptoms, and like most people he attributed his issues to overwork, stress, and not enough sleep. When he became lost returning home from his frequent business trips, and his math skills disappeared, he finally had to admit something was terribly wrong. Robert’s worst fears were realized when the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s became his new reality.

Turning Point – A Pathway Out of the Fog of Alzheimer’s is Robert L. Ruisi’s personal story of mental “loss and restoration” in his struggle with the debilitating disease. By developing a rigid nutritional regimen and exercise program, Robert has made great strides and is starting his life again. Robert documents his journey through the ravaging disease starting with the early signs no one recognized and on to the diagnosis and treatment. Robert does not claim to be cured, but he does show how his condition and quality of life have dramatically improved by his own choices, the help of his family, and the medical personnel treating him. This book is inspiring to friends and family members of those who suffer with this life-stealing disease. Robert’s experiences show how the destructive forces of Alzheimer’s were curbed and reversed by his nutritional and exercise choices.

Robert refuses to say he is cured, but what else can it be called, even his doctors are amazed. His path to recovery is so remarkable it needs to be shared. Turning Point – A Pathway Out of the Fog of Alzheimer’s by Robert L. Ruisi is now available in an e-book format and paperback on Amazon and CreateSpace, and in e-book format at Barnes and Noble for the Nook.

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