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LOS ANGELES – 23 May, 2016 – Don’t be caught unprepared this summer! To help make sure your pets are comfortable and happy, look no further than SilverFido pet car seat covers. The warm summer months are a peak time for tragic accidents caused by overheating, but this can be completely avoided. Our pet car seat covers are specially designed to help cool your car when temperatures spike up. Remember to NEVER leave your dog in the car alone during summer. On a typical summer day, the inside of a car can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius within a short two hours if left unattended. Temperatures this high can severely impact your pets, affecting their brain, heart, and nervous system. Dog car seat covers definitely help prevent overheating, but only to an extent.

Keep in mind your dog has a higher body temperature than you do, making it harder for him or her to cool down. It is also important to note that the only way for dogs to normalize their temperature is through panting, and under extreme conditions, this isn’t enough. If you notice your dog is showing signs of discomfort such as excessive panting, glazed eyes, drooling, increased pulse and heartbeat, get your dog to a cool place immediately. It is a good idea to give your pet water, but in small amounts since a large amount all at once can cause nausea.

If your dog’s body temperature reaches 42 degrees Celsius, your dog is at risk for irreversible damage. At this point, swelling of the brain can occur, which often results in death. If you notice your dog is overheating, help cool him or her down with cool water, either by using a cool towel or a hose. Concentrate on the head and neck area, and underneath the front and back legs.

Using car seat covers for dogs can prevent overheating. Our pet car seat covers normalize hot temperatures, providing not only comfort, but safety for your pets as well. Make your pets healthier and happier by using SilverFido pet car seat covers.

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