Lintech Adds New Products in Their Automotive Safety Video Technical Solution Portfolio

The new products are brake light camera, brake light backup camera and a third light camera that can prove a new benchmark in creating a safe driving experience for vehicle owners.

With a wide range of automotive safety video solutions, Lintech Enterprises Limited endeavors to bring down the road accidents and the mortality. Moreover, one can have a safe and pleasurable driving experience with the help of these technical solutions that include car rear view camera, car backup camera, car monitor, mobile DVR and other types of vehicle vision products.

The company has now included several new products that can offer an enhanced sense of safety and security to the drivers and car owners. For example, the new brake light camera is a device that can capture perfect images at the rear side of the vehicle. The camera provides sharp CCD rear view with a high resolution of 420 TV lines. The camera has a significant sensing area with a 2:1 interlace scanning system. According to the spokesperson of the company, these are heavy duty car cameras that are dust proof, waterproof and come with explosion protection and acid protection features.

Lintech Adds New Products in Their Automotive Safety Video Technical Solution Portfolio

Another newly added product is the brake light backup camera for recording and viewing rear side incidences while driving a car. The E9 certified camera can capture sharp images in 170 degree vide angles and comes with a 7-inch rearview monitor. This can be easily replaced with the third brake lights and is easy to install with installation screws. The company provides the operating manual and connector cable and other fitting material for anyone to install the camera without any hassles.

The third light camera is the best quality rear view backup camera for cars and other vehicles. Enclosed in an aluminum alloy shell, the camera is waterproof and can show a great protection against explosions. The electronic shutter works at a lighting speed to quickly capture high resolution images in the rear. This reversing car camera has been designed for drivers to drive, turn or steer the vehicle with confidence with the complete view of the rear side of the vehicle.

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Lintech Enterprises Limited is a professional automotive safety video technical systems supplier. The company’s main products are car rear view camera, car backup camera, car side view camera, brake light camera, third light backup camera, backup system, parking sensor system, car monitor, mobile DVR and other kinds of vehicle vision products.

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