SMC Locksmith Ltd.: Proud Member of the Alberta Locksmiths Association

Every professional in his field knows the value of establishment, as it shows commitment and credibility. SMC Locksmith Ltd. of Calgary is a proud member of the Professional Locksmiths Association of Alberta, a long-established association of locksmiths in good standing.

Like all licensed locksmiths in Alberta, locksmiths at SMC Locksmith Ltd. must follow strict regulations to prove their qualifications, and they must have no criminal record or risk heavy penalties. But not all locksmith organizations have to become a part of a major locksmith association. Those that do are certainly set apart from the rest.

The Professional Locksmiths Association of Alberta (PLAA, formerly Alberta Locksmiths Association or ALA) was formed in the mid-1970s as a way of bringing locksmiths together into a group that would benefit all with training and regulation. Additionally, the group was formed on the principle of establishing a united organization that was prepared to advise the Alberta Government about security and safety in locksmithing.

Interestingly, the original focus of the organization was to regulate all those who work in the security industry, whether or not they were locksmiths. But the focus was soon redirected to center exclusively on locksmiths. Now, the PLAA exists to regulate and educate locksmiths in order to promote security and public safety through ethical, professional, and knowledgeable practices.

SMC Locksmith Ltd. in Calgary is proud to be a good-standing member of the PLAA and to abide by its Mission Statement and Code of Ethics. As a member of the PLAA, SMC Locksmith Ltd. commits to abide by lawful and ethical business practices, maintain moral and ethical values in both private and professional life, and focus on service to the public as the primary function of their trade.

In addition, SMC Locksmith Ltd. is committed to honoring the trade of locksmithing by encouraging others to consider a career as a locksmith, contributing to the development of the locksmithing industry, maintaining licensure and certification, continuously upgrading and maintaining an active and contemporary knowledge and application of current locksmith practices, and more.

“One of the main reasons why our company has aligned with the PLAA is to show the public our dedication to the core values in the PLAA Code of Ethics,” says Herold Scolff, Senior Marketing Director for SMC Locksmith Ltd. “Honesty, integrity, loyalty, and dedication are a must for all of our locksmith technicians or we won’t let them be a part of our team. We want the people of Calgary to know that we are dedicated to their service, that we commit to honest and fair pricing, that we will maintain complete confidentiality, and that we will always communicate with them openly in an entirely sensitive, trustful, and understandable way.”

SMC Locksmith Ltd. ( is well-established in Calgary and is proud to be fully staffed with licensed PLAA locksmiths. To contact us for security or locksmith services, please call (403) 667-0654.

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