Triulluminate Therapeutic Retreats Launches Treatment Center

To Celebrate Opening, Center Will Pay Travel Costs for Clients

MAZATLAN, MexicoTrilluminate Inc., a multi-dimensional company making profound and innovative contributions in mental, emotional and physical health while motivating personal growth, announced today that it has opened Trilluminate Therapeutic Retreats.  The new treatment center offers clients a radical therapeutic process geared towards muting or breaking down the associative neural networks that are driving addictive or dysfunctional behavior. In honor of the launch, the center will pay for travel costs for initial clients.

“We are all about hitting a reboot button in the brain, as it were,” said Todd Ritchey, Founder of Trilluminate. “Our treatment is based on the recent discovery that dysfunctional behaviors arise from an internal biochemical addiction. The retreats in Mazatlan are intended to help you rebalance your body’s physiology and get you on a path toward greater physical, emotional and spiritual health.”

Trilluminuate’s treatment modalities are based on scientific knowledge that addictive drugs trigger the massive release of dopamine and beta endorphin in the reward centers of the brain. This release overwhelms the neural circuits that originally evolved to motivate behavior for survival and reproduction. According to Ritchey, addiction puts an individual into a nearly perpetual state of “survival mode.” 

“States of physical or emotional distress also trigger the release of dopamine and beta endorphin,” Ritchey added. “Consequently, we can become ‘addicted’ to being in survival mode. Dysfunctional behavior of all types, including ‘repetition compulsion,’ dysfunctional relationships, and eating disorders, are various forms of addiction to survival mode.”

The retreats are recommended for persons with addictions to drugs, alcohol and food.

Clients can also seek effective help for behavioral addictions that include gambling, shopping, work, OCD, or even thought addictions such as repetitive patterns of thought of a compulsive and repetitive nature that cause an individual pain, fear or discomfort. Ritchey and his team have also had success helping clients with emotional issues like shame, anger, regret and a struggle with a sense of self.

Ritchey has co-authored two books with PhD Neuro-scientist John Montgomery, The Answer Model Theory and The Answer Model: A new path to healing.  He has also co-developed a novel and ground-breaking education model with William Adair, which incorporates aspects of the therapeutic model. 

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