Doctor-artist Marco Provenzale’s New-Age “L’Ombradella Croce” selected For Modern Art Exhibition

Doctor-artist Marco Provenzale’s much talked about new-age painting “L’Ombra della Croce” has been selected for the prestigious Modern Art Exhibition of the 2016 Jubilee this May. The painting infuses an innovative painting style called Photo Painting.

Rome, Italy – 23rd May, 2016 – Much to the delight of art connoisseurs, doctor-artist Marco Provenzale’s much talked about new-age painting “L’Ombra della Croce” or “The Shadow of the Cross” has been selected for the esteemed Modern Art Exhibition of the 2016 Jubilee. The event that celebrates diversity in today’s artistic trends, would be held from May 19 to 26.

The exhibition is hosted at the Bramante Hall in Piazza del Popolo. Leading essayist and critic Sandro Serradifalco is the man to conceive the event which aims to showcase the versatility of modern Roman art, suspended between conventions & natural contemporary stylistic evolution. 

Despite his innocence, the great Christ took to the Cross accepting the consequences of the sins committed by man and His death was meant to reconnect us to God. But unfortunately, we have failed to lead such a noble life as shown to us by God’s son that has resulted in evil grips in the contemporary society. Marco’s “L’Ombra della Croce” portrays this very unfortunate yet fiercely realistic message where he has described the pain of the modern world, distressed by the Evil.

A doctor by profession and an artist & painter by passion, Provenzale is deeply intrigued by visual art. He has invented an edgy form of painting called Photo Painting. Inspired by the discovery of electron beam, the new style infuses the powerful mediums of design, photography & painting into one never-seen-before masterpiece expression. The “L’Ombra della Croce” is one of Marco’s latest Photo Painting presentations that embody a state of the art oil painting painted on “electronic board” which is sketched on a canvas.

Courtesy its advanced artistic style that infuses technology & art in such a mindboggling way and the powerful message, “L’Ombra della Croce” has already created stir in the esteemed Roman art scene. Backed by rave reviews from critics and admiration from art lovers, Provenzale’s new generation work was thus a natural selection for such a prestigious occasion like Arte Iubilaeum which is hosting great works from around 200 artists across Rome.

“Arte Iubilaeum is definitely one of the most prestigious and much awaited art events of the year. Conceived by none other than Sandro Serradifalco, it offers space only for the most talented modern painters from the national art scene and getting selected there is definitely a big thing for me. My painting involves by innovative Photo Painting style which, I am hopeful, to impress the art lovers with something ‘new’ and would inspire imagination beyond the conventional styles,” smiled the painter himself while speaking about the selection of his L’Ombra della Croce in Modern Art Exhibition of the 2016 Jubilee.

“I am hopeful to touch the chords with my painting that speaks about overwhelming evil grips in our society leading to mayhem and chaos – so that we can feel the urgency and strive to make a better world for the future generations.”

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