NazyApps Launch Free Fun iPhone and Android Game Apps

The games have been created to bring mobile devices to life with great graphics and fantastic fun. There are four games available for iPhone and Android devices.

NazyApps is pleased to announce they are offering free game apps for Android and iPhone devices. The apps are fun, exciting, and turn mobile devices into game systems. There are currently four games available, but a spokesman for the company has said they will be adding more games in the future.

Naz Kulinich from NazyApps said: “We have developed and released the games for free to give people hours of fun and enjoyment. We get excited when we hear from our customer telling us how they enjoy the games with there friends and family.”

The games include Balloon Monkey, Flappi Game, ZSlayer and King Castle Defense. Balloon Monkey is a fun game where the monkey has to jump across the sky from balloon to balloon and gets a banna point for each balloon it grabs. The game is a test of skills as when the points increase so does the speed.

Z-slayer has been described as one of the best and most exciting shooting games on the market. The Zombie shooter game involves a former G.I.Joe shooting and killing Zombies. There are different weapons to choose from including riffles, knifes and assault weapons. The game may sound easy and straight forward but it’s not. The designer of the game has introduced many different scenarios with  many different challenges to provide hours of fun.

King Castle Defense is another fun game introduced by NazyApps. The addictive game allows the player to challenge their friends to see who can defend their castle the longest while it is being attacked by the enemy. The player has to defend the castle by destroying the enemy and each time the enemy has been destroyed the player receives coins. The coins can be used to purchase items and upgrade the castle. The game gets harder as the player advances to further levels, making the game addictive.

Flappi Bird has become one of the best-loved games. There are six levels to choose from with three characters to choose from. As the player uses their skill to fly the bird, they can collect coins the further they travel. The coins can be used to accessorize the bird. Flappi Bird has become one of the most addictive game with players trying to beat their previous score and trying to be better than their friends.

The new games have become very popular with more than three thousands likes and with more games planned, NazyApps is fast becoming the most recommended free game app platform.

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About NazyApps

NazyApps was founded by Naz Kulinich who wanted to provide people with fun games.

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