Opens The Bible\’s Accessibility Through Computers, Smartphones, and Tablet Devices has made the Bible more accessible by making it available on many platforms. has made their YouBible App accessible through all electronic platforms with online capabilities. This is to the advantage of the many Christian users that services. They understand the need of the Bible at all times and the convenience of being able to access it whenever and wherever they choose to use it. That is why made sure that its Bible App could be accessed through the many different technological platforms that are available today. Having their Bible app be accessed through smartphones, tablet devices, Cd’s, mp3 players, and computers has increased the ability of people the world over to access the Bible.

Having their Bible app available through the Apple and Android market places greatly increases the accessibility of the YouBible app. is aware of the fact that many people don’t go anywhere without their cell phone. Having noticed this trend, they decided that their clients, along with new users, would benefit greatly if they added their app to those market places. Now, anyone has the capability to access and study the Bible where ever they go. By allowing their YouBible app to be downloadable through smartphones, users everywhere have gained accessibility to their product , encouraging Bible reading, bible studies, daily devotionals, and generally spreading the word of God to people everywhere. More information and explanations of how this app can help open accessibility to

Bible readers can be found at

The use of CD’s and mp3’s are still popular, even though the cutting-edge world seems to have left them behind. realized that some of their customers still use these two options for music and information. Having the KJV Bible, narrated by Alexander Scourby himself, available through these other two platforms greatly increases the visibility and accessibility of this product. understands that many readers still like to pop a cd in and listen, and this demographic would benefit greatly from this option. has enabled people everywhere with the ability to access their Bible anywhere and at anytime. They have done this with the help of modern technology, putting the Word of God in something we already carry with us everyday and everywhere: our phone, computer, or tablet. states they are not trying to replace the actual Bible, they have created their app as a Bible companion, furthering the reading, studying, understanding, retention, and accessibility of the Bible.

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