Medi Farcoo specializes in manufacturing a wide range of diagnostic equipment

Medi Farcoo Limited is a well-entrenched manufacturer of accessories related to patient monitor as well as a reliable distributor for major brands of ultrasound transducers used in the healthcare industry.

Ultrasound transducers repair typically known as ‘capacitive transducers’ or ‘piezoelectric transducers’ find extensive applications across a range of industries including the healthcare/medical sector.The ultrasound transducers work on the principle of conversion of energy where electrical energy is converted into sound energy (ultrasonic waves) or vice-versa. These appliances are somewhat similar to the transducers found in sound navigation and ranging (sonar) and radio detecting and ranging (radar) systems that are used for detecting a specified target and analyzing its attributes. Ultrasound transducers in the medical industry are used for sensing and diagnosing suspected ailment or diseased condition in a localized area of the body or of a particular organ.

These transducers which can be place over a surface or inserted through an opening in the body (such as the vagina or rectum) transmit images of the area under review to a computer where the same are viewed as sonograms. One type of ultrasound transducer referred to as linear array transducers are used extensively by surgeons during ultrasound-steered operations. Medi Farcoo based in China is an established distributor of the top-notch brands of ultrasound transducers including Medison, Hitachi, Siemens, Toshiba, Esaote, HP, ALOKA, GE, and Mindray ultrasound transducers. The company deals in a wide range of transducers used in the medical arena including gynecological, obstetrical, veterinary diagnosis, surgical, endorectal, endovaginal, phased array, linear array, and convex array ultrasound transducers.

Mindray ultrasound transducers

Medi Farcoo assures all individual as well as institutional clients and customers for ultrasound transducers that the entity supplies equipment that is of supreme quality and excel when it comes to performance. The firm distributes transducers of the aforementioned brands having array elements varying between 64 and 192, frequency ranging between 2MHz and 10MHz and with curvature radius ranging from 7mm-60mm. The products distributed transmit high resolution images having crystal-clear clarity with a broad frequency band as well as high frequency relative bandwidth of up to a maximum of 95%. The dealer/distributor also assures procurers of these medical devices that the entity not only charges a very competitive price but also ensures that all orders are processed and delivered to the prescribed addresses in the fastest possible time.

Medi Farcoo, on the other hand, manufactures an array of accessories that are used in patient monitoring systems including but not limited to non-invasive blood pressure tubes and cuffs, invasive blood pressure transducer and cable, temperature probes, EKG/ECG cables, Holter ECG cables, disposable Spo2 and reusable Spo2 sensors. All these accessories are manufactured as per the current international standardizations and specifications and can be accessorized with medical equipment throughout the world.

About Medi Farcoo

Medi Farcoo is a medical firm based in Shenzhen China with registered offices in Hong Kong that retails in ultrasonic transducers and produces accessories used in patient monitoring modules.  

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