Local Debt Attorney Advises the Road to Debt Relief is Achievable

San Diego, CA – Many people throughout the country have incurred large amounts of consumer debt balances in recent years and have been searching for an ethical way to resolve those debts. One of several options for debt relief is a Debt Settlement which helps to clients negotiate with their creditors in order to obtain financial freedom outside of filing for bankruptcy. While debt settlement isn’t the right option for everyone, it helps more clients settle their outstanding obligations in just a few years, allowing them to escape the burden of growing debt balances. The experienced staff at Brownstone Law Group helps clients to evaluate the program and see if it is a proper fit for them.

“Filing for bankruptcy isn’t for everyone,” cautions Thomas Moore, the managing partner for Brownstone. “It isn’t the ‘be all, end all’ solution to debt that some people think it is. And what’s more, most people don’t even need to think about filing for bankruptcy, they just need someone to take them by the hand and show them that there are better options. We offer bankruptcy filing services as well as debt settlement services to help our clients get out from under their mountain of debt, without feeling like they need to lose everything.”

Consumer debt affects thousands more people every year. Those afflicted with debt may find it hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The Brownstone Law Group is that light for many residents of the San Diego area, providing such services as debt settlement and bankruptcy filing. While getting into debt is far easier than getting out of it, bankruptcy isn’t the only option for those faced with a mounting burden of debt.

Brownstone Law Group effectively guides their clients through the process of debt settlement, and discusses other debt relief options that may be a fit for a particular client on the path to becoming debt free. The firm certainly understands how difficult life can be for those dealing with overwhelming debt, which is why they are committed to finding beneficial solutions that work for each client. Better yet, they offer a completely free, confidential consultation where potential clients can learn about their debt relief options, and whether or not bankruptcy will be beneficial to their case.

Many suffering from consumer debt can alleviate much of the stress on their own, by creating a budget and cutting out some of the more frivolous activities they may be used to. But for those faced with debt that seems to just keep coming, regardless of budget planning and cut backs, more drastic options may need to be considered. Regardless of what a client’s financial situation may be, there is always an answer. While there may be times where it seems as though there is nowhere to turn, Brownstone Law Group of San Diego is there to help. By opting to file for bankruptcy, clients are able to get relief from their debt and remove the stress and burden caused by unpaid bills and credit card debt.

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