First Responder Smartphone Medical I.D. bracelet seeks crowdfunding support at Indiegogo

Advanced Healthmart has launched crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo seeking support for its First Responder Smartphone Medical I.D. bracelet developed by the company founder and seasoned medical supply sales rep Sean Todd-Crooks.

Marietta, GA – 24th May, 2016 – A seasoned medical supply sales rep and a caring husband Sean Todd-Crooks has launched crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo seeking support for its First Responder Smartphone Medical  I.D. bracelet.  The innovative product by Sean’s company Advanced Healthmart will allow easy access to emergency medical data on a smartphone.

Emergency medical bracelets are nothing new.  But the regular ones just come with restricted space and can’t hold much data. On the other hand, some even require one to download an app that can be really perplexing or many. But the First Responder Smartphone Medical I.D. bracelet from Advanced Healthmart comes with a standard 8G storage capacity and also won’t need one to download any app. It would enable the EMS providers, or anyone on the scene of an emergency, to gather the medical data of the user from a smartphone only, something that everyone carries all the time.  

“The invention is inspired by a family emergency where my wife suddenly suffered a seizure while shopping that left her incoherent for some time. Had I not been there to answer the EMT’s queries, they would not know that she is allergic to a commonly used medication upon arriving at the hospital. But it’s not that we will always have our loved one by our side when an emergency strikes randomly and hence I came up with this new First Responder Smartphone Medical I.D. bracelet that will allow EMS providers to gather your medical data immediately from a smartphone, something that you carry all the time. But such a futuristic design needs solid financial backup, hence the Indiegogo campaign. Your support would be much appreciated,” stated Sean. 

Sean and his team have a goal to gather $8,046 within a month through the crowdfunding campaign.  They are offering a half price pre-order sale to launch the innovative medical bracelet  faster  and  the  funds  raised  from  the  campaign  will help them with the production and sale of 350 bracelets initially.  

“In a medical emergency situation, saving time can save your life.”

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The bracelet carries a microUSB drive and comes with a standard USB adapter for data loading. Given its plug & play compatibility with a smartphone to access the medical data, the user won’t have to download an app. The medical bracelet will store the user’s name, picture ID, allergies, present medical status, present medications, emergency contact numbers that can be messaged or called directly from a smartphone, number of primary physician or an ID video for a family member or friend.

A good range of perks are waiting for the donors, including multiple medical I.D. bracelets with and without data loading service based on donation amount. Donations reaching up to $230 will have the special honor of receiving as many as 10 such new bracelets with data loading service.

To show your support for the futuristic smartphone medical I.D. bracelet, pledge here:

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