They Only Come Out At Night, The Horror Book By F.M Kearney Gets Rave Reviews And Many Awards

F.M Kearney launches his latest book, ‘They Only Come Out At Night’.

They Only Come Out At Night; the fictional horror book penned by F.M Kearney has been launched. The book captures vivid and scary details, the various supernatural happenings in the New York City subway. According to the author, who began his photography career as a photojournalist for New York City newspapers, the book has been partially inspired by his travels as a photojournalist. The book, which is rapidly scaling the popularity charts, is a horror story told in an extremely realistic and chilling manner.

“Most tourists usually visit the more popular stations such as the Times Square, Grand Central or Penn Station that are huge bustling hubs perennially filled with thousands of people,” says Kearney. “I have travelled on every line in the city during the course of my various assignments as a photo-journalist and I could clearly see that the majority of the stations were not what they seemed like but, in fact, they were the exact opposite. They were quiet and sparsely populated, and even very creepy right in the middle of the day – giving me the perfect setting for a horror story.”

The first chapter of the book sets the pace for what to expect from this amazing book. Janet and Matthew Manning are confronted by three people in the NY City subway while returning home late from dinner one evening. The presumably homeless attackers quickly upped their attack from mere harassment to vicious and brutal stabbing and violet rape of the pregnant Janet.

The main character in this book is Melissa, daughter of the Mannings and a brave, independent girl. The attack on her parents made her unstable and depressed. She was terrified of the subway. She was also afraid of intimacy as the brutal rape of her mother kept playing in her mind.

The author keeps you glued to the pages as the subway system gets hit by another series of bizarre and particularly gruesome murders. A young man is found in a Brooklyn station with his heart crudely ripped out of his chest. The headless body of a conductor is discovered inside the locked cab of a Number 6 train in lower Manhattan. As the murders started happening again, Melissa was convinced that there is something far more insidious and frightening than these random acts of violence in the New York City subway. She knew that she had to figure out the cause of these violent attacks. The fact that someone or something was stalking her was adding to her misery and pain.

The book is difficult to put down once you have started reading it according to leading publishers. A Secret Book Affair labels the book as an impressive mix of the mystery, thriller, and horror genres.

Book angel RV says, “This book was a unique and interesting read. The violence and horror in the book is described in full detail. It is a refreshing change from what I normally read. It is a horror story and a mystery.”

Amazon customer Brandy Nicole Havers describes the book as a Wild Ride. “This story was so brutal at first; I almost didn’t make it through the first chapter. I am really glad that I did stick with it. Great and easy read. Very scary!!!”

‘They Only Come Out At Night’ was a finalist at the International Book Awards. It was also chosen as the award-winning Indie novel at the New York Book Festival, The Hollywood Book Festival and The International Book Awards.

About F.M. Kearney:

F. M. Kearney was a photojournalist for New York City newspapers and went on to capture natural world beauty. The widely published and award-winning nature photographer is a columnist for the North American Nature Photography Association’s e-NEWS publication. “They Only Come Out at Night,” is his first book and partially inspired by his travels as a photojournalist.



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