Cosmetic Digest Reveals That MIT developed “A Second Skin” That Can Give You Stronger Skin And Remove Wrinkles

“”Researchers revealed that the protective polymer is even stronger than real skin.””
Sound too good to be true? Well according to the relast reseach brakethough by MIT, this technology might become a reality sooner than you think. Cosmetic Digest, a trusted online platform delivering the latest news from the world of skincare and beauty, has recently revealed insightful information about ‘second skin.’ Currently under development by a team of scientists from MIT, Olivo Labs and Living Proof, the ‘second skin’ may offer solutions to critical skin problems.

Cosmetic Digest has recently published an interesting post revealing unknown facts about a second skin that may treat a number of skin problems. The idea of a second skin surely sounds fictitious. However, a team of scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT, Olivo Labs and Living Proof are currently engaged in efforts to develop the ‘second skin.’ Cosmetic Digest reports that if successful, the second skin may provide a miracle cure to aging-related problems such as wrinkle and skin slackening.

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In the recent post about ‘second skin’, Cosmetic Digest mentions that the scientists have created a silicone-based coating that can match the healthy and young skin in terms of elasticity, appearance, and strength. The article also mentions, “The polymer produced may be effective in making up for elasticity loss in the skin as a result of aging. The elasticity degradation that comes with age may contribute to sagging skin and wrinkles. Researchers revealed that the protective polymer is even stronger than real skin.”  

A professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT and an active member of the development team, Robert Langer says, “What we’ve been able to do is create a cream basically, that can be put on the skin. Then, once it’s on the skin, it can actually form essentially an elastic ‘second skin.’ Its transparent, it’s essentially invisible, it’s not messy at all, and has good mechanical strength.”

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