Joaquim Gonsalves MCIPD – HR Leaders Summit in Phuket 2016

Bassaka Air Head HR Joaquim Gonsalves was among one of the top 50 HR leaders from Asia to be invited for the Phuket HR Leaders Summit 2016. A dynamic pro, Gonsalves is credited with strategizing and setting up Bassaka Airways, today making it the number one choice for customers in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 25th May 2016: Bassaka Air Head HR Joaquim Gonsalves was invited as one among the top 50 HR leaders from Asia in the recently hosted HR Leaders Summit 2016. Organized at Phuket, the conference is the sole event specifically designed for senior HR spearheads & C-Suite executives that have been the movers & shakers in the Asian region and have been able to effect positive change in their organizations. The invitation to this event is a validation and fitting complement to the dramatic rise of Bassaka Air in Cambodia within just 18 months of its inception and the role played by Mr. Gonsalves in this success story.

 “It is a pleasure to be attending the HR Summit. I am delighted with this unique recognition, as it feels special to be sharing this platform with my HR colleagues from all over Asia”, stated Mr. Gonsalves while speaking about his experience at the conference.

A post-graduate in Business Administration (HR) from Heriot-Watt University, Mr. Gonsalves also holds academic credentials in organizational behavior, performance management and employee resourcing. Furthermore, he is also recognized as an MCIPD from the Chartered Institute of Personal Development –UK. Over his long career spanning more than two decades in aviation, he has spent most of his time at Qatar Airways, where he was part of a team that saw that airline grow to be the number one airline in the world receiving three Skytrax awards.  

The erstwhile Manager Cabin Crew at Qatar Airways joined the Bassaka Air start-up team in October 2014 and is duly recognized as the driving force behind making Bassaka the number one choice for customers in the region. “I have learnt to cultivate an ego to be a leader and at the same time have the humility to deal with people. It has been quite a challenge as well as a tremendous learning experience that has added a lot of depth and dimension to my business outlook. I had to spend time first understanding the people and culture here as well as how business is done in this part of the world. Creating an Organizational culture is as important as creating the Brand itself. Sometimes you make a right decision and sometimes you have to make a decision right”, remarked Mr. Gonsalves while asked to speak about his enormous efforts in setting up Bassaka Air.

I have developed a great team, packed with committed and driven individuals, empowering and supporting them, has led to a confluence of ideas and results you see today at Bassaka Airways

The dynamic Bassaka HR head is now focused on the second stage of the organizations growth and working on implementing fitting new trends as part of the roadmap.

I do not want to create a filling cabinet where you systematically loose documents and hence Data Management becomes that much more important. When it comes to incorporating new industry trends, I see data analytics will play a big part in our industry, though not for us at the moment and we will have to find other ways of collecting, processing and analyzing data. “Aigle HR” is the philosophy, we have adopted at Bassaka Air and with a small HR team that is nimble and open to change we have been able to successfully attract Talent and manage our Human Capital. I am looking at more integrated workforce management systems, developed in-house and also have my eyes on external vendors and what they can offer. We will continue to innovate and explore opportunities and trends applying only what we think will bring us the right results”

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