Epic Wipes – The Shower That Fits in Your Pocket

No Shower? No Problem. With Epic Wipes now you can do all the things you love…without the smell.

Sacramento, California – May 25, 2016 – Dr. Aeneas Janzehas developed a revolutionary and eco-friendly towel-sized wet wipe: a portable yet powerful clean-up solution called Epic Wipes.  Dr. Janzefirst recognized the need for these wipes when he was deployed in Afghanistan.  Dr.Janzerealized that when showers were not available soldiers needed a portable yet powerful way to clean up and feel ready for what might come next.   Typical wipes are too small and flimsy to truly get a satisfying clean, and most are also loaded with toxinsand not biodegradable. So over a period of two and half years Aeneas tested multiple formulas and materials to develop Epic Wipes, towel sized wet wipes that are strong enough for any job and safe for both the user and the Earth.  

To bring this incredible solution to the masses, Dr. Janze launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000. The funds received will cover manufacturing and distribution efforts. Whatever a user’s epic might be, Epic Wipes wants to come alone! 

“These aren’t your typical carry around wipes! These things are monstrous! I love that they have plenty of real estates to get dirty rather than wiping with the same 3 inches of towel over and over again. And I have to admit, after using one, I felt surprisingly fresh!” – Jen (A Girl and Her Travel Bug

Epic wipes are made from bamboo, which makes them 100% biodegradable and sustainable. It contains ingredients that are nourishing to the skin and rank among the safest on EWG’s Skin Deep database, so the user can always feel good about using them all over their body. 

Visit the Kickstarter campaign to learn more. Click here to make a contribution and pre-order a box today! Backers can choose from a number of attractive rewards. Perks will be delivered by June 2016. 

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Media Contact
Company Name: Epic Wipes
Contact Person: Aeneas Janze
Email: Aeneas@epicwipes.com
Phone: 202-412-3047
Country: United States
Website: www.epicwipes.com