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(Los Angeles, CA, May 26, 2016) Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive interview with John DeWees, President of WaveTrue, a leader in pipeline inspection. This unique firm specializes in using high tech electromagnetic wave technology for non-invasive detection of corrosion, damage, blockages or any other reason that long distance pipelines may need to be serviced.

Since 1986, WaveTrue has worked with natural gas pipeline operators, coal and nuclear power plants, utility providers, refineries, and just about every type of facility that uses insulated or encased pipe lines.

“Our patented ElectroMagnetic Wave technology is totally focused on giving pipeline operators and energy producers, whether transmission or distribution, a new set of non-destructive tools that can be adapted to remote monitoring to help manage the integrity of their pipelines,” said DeWees. “We, just as Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® does, reach out to the leaders of business in our segment. This show is a perfect example of how leaders in their industries can work together to build awareness of the challenges and successes we can then face and work together.”

Their patented EMW-C Inspection System allows the experts at WaveTrue to see what is going on inside mission critical long distance pipes without the need to open or damage them. The disturbance caused by the inspection is absolutely minimal, restricted to only the work needed for the team to access the pipe and apply their equipment. This allows them to inspect an entire pipeline whereas other inspection methods cannot reach the deepest and most remote lengths of pipe.

WaveTrue has specialized hardware and software uniquely designed to permit the testing and full inside and out inspection of pipes from a single location and capture complete data about the pipe from a single location.

WaveTrue, in addition to offering its state of the art pipeline inspection services, is also engaged in cutting edge research and development on further innovations in this important field. Many industries would be impossible to run without accurate, non-invasive methods of scanning them for faults and that is where WaveTrue is unmatched.

“WaveTrue, is going to be a major player in the future health of our industries and our nation’s infrastructure, and that’s why we’re very excited to feature them on our program,” stated JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

Today, the company is looking forward to beginning work inspecting millions of miles of the very old Legacy Pipeline, which provides Americans from coast to coast with utilities, fuel, and water.

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