Deliver This Letter is Creating a Resurgence in the Popularity of Letter Giving

Although technological innovations nearly made letter giving all but obsolete, Deliver This Letter’s cool personalized twist to the custom that is bringing about its comeback.

These days, for many, the practice of receiving a letter in the mail is reserved for bills, magazines, and credit card statements. What is delivered to most mailboxes is rarely a personalized or customized message written by one individual to another; the custom of writing a letter has largely moved from the medium of a handwritten or printed note delivered by snail mail to the instantaneous alternative that the internet and cell phones provide. For situations in which, at one point, one might have received a letter, people are now getting phone calls, texts, emails, instant messages, and more. However, Deliver This Letter is a company determined not to let the practice die.

By adding a customized and exciting twist to the custom of letter giving, Deliver This Letter has effectively brought back the excitement of sending letters to others by giving it a purpose once again. With personalized letters that can be sent to children from Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, the company adds a new dimension to holidays like Christmas and Easter, as well as to milestone events in a child’s life, such as losing their first tooth.

The company also offers something for older individuals as well. Harry Potter fans can receive an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, the fictional school in the novels and films, or even a marriage certificate from the fictitious magical government, the Ministry of Magic.

By adding an interactive dimension to events such as Christmas, Easter, or weddings for Harry Potter fans, the unique aspect that Deliver This Letter has brought to letter giving has renewed the excitement of checking the mailbox each day. Receiving a letter in the mail has become such a rarity nowadays that it is an exciting novelty to receive one, especially one as highly customized as those that Deliver This Letter offers. Because of companies like this one, today, we can see the trend of letter giving slowly coming back to life, not just in letters like these, but also in thank you notes, hand written invitations, and more. 



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