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5/27/2016 — Aida Rojas, an aspiring Self-Discovery Spiritual Coach & Personal Branding Media Creative is happy to announce that the Podcast Love Dream Live is now available on iTunes and other popular podcasting platforms.  Aida was inspired to start the podcast because has a passion for helping people love, dream, and live more.  She also looks forward to helping others create harmony in their work and life journey. Her main goal is to encourage individuals to discover who they are, so that they can then discover what they can create and how they can contribute to the world.

Aida Focuses on the Dance of Opposites

Much of the podcast focuses on topics that help individuals improve their relationship with themselves, and other people. Aida also helps individuals to discover their vision and mission in life, and shares how they can be happier through striving for unity. Aida frequently covers topics about the duality and opposing forces, and how one can use these to their advantage. Through using contrast, paradox, contradictions, as well as her personal experiences, she hopes to help others heal, integrate, and find wholeness in a world of consistent change and division. Aida emphasizes on the importance of creating a dance between opposites to empower one to be better able to leverage that polarity and create lasting changes in their life.

One of the podcasts most shared quotes reads:

“Our Hearts unite and our minds divide, live in harmony, not in tug-of war.”

  • Aida Rojas

Some Popular Love Dream Live Podcast Episode Titles Include

–  Are You Seeking Truth or Validation?

–  The Natural Flow of Giving & Receiving

–  How Your Tiny Passions Lead to Giant Ones

–  Owning Your Femininity or Masculinity

–  From Fear to Faith

– What is Not Expressed Is Depressed

–  When Little is Known, Much Is Imagined

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The 100 Days to Love Dream Live Book is available exclusively on Amazon

The Book 100 Days to Love Dream Live is a Self-Discovery book that Aida wrote to complement the Podcast. It includes many topics from the podcast and includes graphics and digestible summaries for those who prefer reading over listening to audio. The reflections in the book are crafted to stir individual’s minds and hearts. The anticipation is that through this, they may ask bigger questions in life, reflect on how they are living, and create conscious shifts for a brighter future. The book is currently available exclusively on Amazon Learn More here.

Aida’s Personal Philosophy and Journey

Aida Rojas is currently working on her Life Coach certification and aspires to be a Self-Discovery Spiritual Life Coach. She currently lives in Grapevine, Texas with her son and family. She enjoys practicing hot yoga during her free time. She also practices mindfulness, meditation, and simple living. Aida is committed to lifetime learning, as well as continual expansion through her spiritual practice. As a Latina woman in technology, who comes from an immigrant family, Aida has had to persevere and overcome many challenges along her personal journey. This has helped her evolve, integrate, and has contributed to her philosophy of using life’s contrast as a catalyst for expansion and learning.  

Aida’s Vision and Professional Journey

Aida has been a digital marketing creative for 5+ years helping small businesses grow through digital marketing technologies. She is currently making a career transition to becoming a personal branding advocate at, while she pursues her life coaching certification Aida aims to help heart-centered spiritual women to develop their personal brand and overcome the many obstacles on the road to entrepreneurship.

 She believes that the evolving gig and sharing economy is a thriving place for aspiring freelancers, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and women from all walks of life to have new opportunities to contribute to the world and let their gifts shine. Her long-term vision is to first help women discover who they are, and then to help them create a sustainable business through sharing their knowledge and expertise with others.

To learn more about Aida and her story visit her website at

Love Dream Live Preview Video:

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