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LOS ANGELES – 5/27/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — SilverFido pet car seat covers was founded by 27 year old Thomas Gottwald. Because of his love for animals, Thomas wanted to help create a product that would not only provide more comfort for pets, but safety as well. As a result, SilverFido was born. SilverFido pet car seat covers is currently in the process of seeking a special non-profit organization dedicated to protecting animals. A portion of SilverFido’s proceeds will be donated directly to this organization in order to help feed abandoned animals, aid animals that have suffered from torture, and support the adoption of abandoned animals.

Why car seat covers for dogs?

SilverFido wanted to create a product that would contribute to a more pleasant life for animals. As we all know, the summer months can be a big problem for dogs overheating while traveling in the car. Due to this, SilverFido began producing specially designed pet car seat covers. The pet car seat covers are made out of a grey color, which absorbs less solar radiation. Dogs will no longer have to travel uncomfortably. As a free bonus, a pet seat belt is also included to increase traveling safety. Recently, SilverFido pet car seat covers has begun publishing an online weekly article offering advice and tips while traveling with your pets. Travel security should be increased and pet seat belt, which gives SilverFido free as a bonus to SilverFido dog car seat covers.

How did the name SilverFido come about?

Founder Thomas Gottwald owns a Weimaraner dog named Fido. Thomas and Fido are constantly together, whether in the car, at work, or outside playing sports. Their amazing and loyal bond led the company to be named after Thomas’ faithful four-legged friend.

Thomas and Fido ask all people to please behave decently and with dignity towards all animals. Animals are not inferior to humans and deserve our understanding, respect and above all, love!

With love,

Thomas Gottwald and Fido

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