Chatwoo Offers Hindi Unicode Editor

Chatwoo online support software as service provider offers Hindi Unicode Editor.

‘’ offers Hindi Unicode Editor for journalists working with Hindi media. No particular font like devlys, Chanakaya, or Kruti are required on a computer for using ‘Editor.Chatwoo’. Everything typed will be in Hindi Unicode, which could be distributed everywhere on social media and websites.

Features Offered include:
i) Download Document
ii) Text Formatting
iii) File Operations

ChatWoo URL

Open the link to use and get acquainted with a lot of other features offered.

A tool is provided free of cost to promote ‘Hindi language on online media like social media and news websites. To use this tool, you must be conversant with Hindi typing skills.

The mission of ‘Chatwoo’, inline with the purpose and expectations of stakeholders, aims to set new industry standards in customer service and innovation and to deliver the best online chatting and support software as a service (SaaS) and evolve from being a support industry to a hosting research business with the flexibility to stretch to new business areas.

Vision (Aspiration of Organization) – To become an undisputed leader in the online support software industry by ensuring that ‘Chatwoo’ is the customer first choice for offering live help and live chat services to the website visitors.

Corporate Objective: To provide superior service and good value for money in the online support as a service market segment. To excel in anticipating and quickly responding to the customer needs.

Strategies: Building trust with stakeholders (employees, customers, investors) by showing commitment to the projects. Ensuring quality services and customer experience, delivering value for money through 24 x 7 support and resolving issues and providing them vital knowledge and value.

Corporate Identity: ‘Best Online Live Help and Live Chat Software as a service Provider’, associated with values of quality, innovation, and support.

The company welcomes feedback and suggestions to improve the tool further, to cater to the needs of all.

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