Mr Guru Cleaning Services Announces to Offer Free Quote for Quality Cleaning Using Green Products

In Greater Canberra and surrounding areas, Mr Guru Cleaning Services claims to offer professional and quality cleaning services. They use eco-friendly products for cleaning and offer free quotes to potential customers.

Anyone in Greater Canberra and surrounding areas can now request for a free quote for a professional, affordable and green house cleaning services offered by Mr Guru Cleaning Services. They are a team of experienced professionals, well-equipped with the necessary tools and equipments to carry out a house cleaning job with a greater efficiency. By offering a free quote, they allow potential customers to learn about the cost in advances, which helps them in decision making and having an oppotunity to compare the cost with other service providers operating in the area.

Mr Guru Cleaning Services

Mr Guru is efficient in offering Canberra end of lease cleaning, as they are experienced enough in cleaning each corner of a house in a meticulous manner. People who want to leave the property behind in a decent condition in order to get thier bond back with no hassle, can now request for a free quote to get an idea of the cost of the end of lease cleaning. Each room and all living areas of a house is cleaned carefully to make it look like a new house. Moreover, they offer a seven day guarantee after the cleaning, and any unsatisfied client can request for fixing the issue for free of charge.

According to one of the team members of Mr Guru, they use environmental-friendly products for Canberra house cleaning. Clients will not discover traces of chemicals and harmful elements after the cleaning. Thus, it is completely safe and hygienic for the residents, including pets. Moreover, they employ effective tools that can clean dust and germs even from the hidden corners of a house.

Besides offering an efficient and flexible home cleaning, Mr Guru Cleaning Services also offer Canberra office cleaning at a reasonable cost, allowing employees to work in a completely safe and hygienic environment. They clean every nook and corner of an office, including working desks, dustbins and everything else available in the office.

To learn more about their services or to request for a free quote, you can visit their website

About Mr Guru Cleaning Services

Mr Guru has been serving Greater Canberra and surrounding areas since 2009. They are a local professional cleaning services provider, offering affordable, reliable and flexible cleaning services to make people’s life easier. They use special environmental-friendly cleaning products and equipment for all general services. They can also use allergy-free micro-fibre cloths for chemical-free cleaning if required.

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