Darkness Reigns: Support the Next Generation of Horror Films on Kickstarter

Hollywood, CA – On May 23 2015, Writer and Director Andrew P. Jones (Kings of the Evening, Haunting of Cellblock 11) launched a Kickstarter campaign for Darkness Reigns, an exciting new feature film that is part of a new generation of horror films.

“Darkness Reigns is about a filmmakerwho always thought that his career would go in a different direction,” explains Andrew P. Jones. “Rather than becoming a famous director, he finds himself shooting behind the scenes documentaries on various feature film sets. But on this one particular set, which is on a film that takes place in a haunted location – a hospital – things start to go awry.”

That’s when actual paranormal activity starts to unfold. After spending months looking for the right location, the team found the perfect abandoned hospital outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. Not only are they making a film about a film crew working in a haunted location, the place is actually haunted, according to the people who worked there.

Notable cast members include Linara Washington (Killing Them Softly, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS), Peter Mayer (Haunting of Cellblock 11, The Black Hole), and a star attachment that will be announced as the campaign progresses. The team is looking to raise $88,000 for their most ambitious project yet, filled with creatures, stunts and special effect that all happen without the aid of traditional editing – which makes it uniquely challenging.

“The purpose of this campaign is to raise additional funds to ensure we make the best film possible. Our team has decades of film and TV experience, so we know what it takes to make movies and we understand that the more funds we raise, the more we can put ‘on the screen’,” says Producer Andy W. Meyer (Treehouse, Haunting of Cellblock 11 and The Jr. Detective Agency), “If we exceed our fundraising goal, we can take the extra time needed to get something just right, add a few more crew members, or increase the special effects.”   

No stranger to special effects, the Director spent the early part of his career working on films such as Hook, Batman, and Groundhog Day to name a few. “Andrew worked professionally in the effects industry for over ten years, so we know the effects will exceed our expectations despite the limited budget.” says producer Shannon Michelle.

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a Darkness Reigns t-shirt for $30, a DVD copy of the movie for $50, and more. Backers can also pledge $500 for an autographed scripted signed by the writer, director, and stars or $5,000 for a chance to visit the set and watch from your very own director’s chair!

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below. 

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