Magtunes, Now Introduced Buoy: Real Waterproof Speaker &20 Amazing Features as its Second Project on Indiegogo


Magtunes, a small company in Sydney, has now introduced Buoy: Real Waterproof Speaker &20 Amazing feature as its second project on Indiegogo.

The aim of the company is to leave a good impression among people through the premium audio product accessible at its affordable price.

Lumiere, their first project, got the attention of supporters in making it a reality. They have also invested their money, time and feedback in making it happen. With this amazing speaker, as their second project on Indiegogo, they still hope to repeat the success from the previous product launch.

Buoy gives out a deep, crisp and room-filling HiFi sound as a multi-dimensional and waterproof speaker. Once it is fully charged, it capably delivers great sound that could last for twenty-four hours. It also produces precise and multi-dimensional sound through the replicate of techniques utilized on 1,000+audio systems. These techniques help control the distortion of music through the use of hardware. This is also the opposite of the tiny and muffled tones that most Smartphone speakers would emit.

In addition, it can play excellent and favorite tunes just like an MP3 but only through a micro SD card. There is also no need to make use of an SD card reader. More importantly, it is known for its sand proof, water proof, shock proof properties and easy and quick smart pairing.

It also consists of other features like 21 hours playtime, rechargeable battery, 360 degree sound, crisp high frequency sound, lossless audio transmission, MPS functionality, max base response, connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, MFC and personal settings memory.

“Nothing sounds better than BUOY in this price class. The soul shaking bass and room filling sound is simply nothing short of amazing. This Buoy is Loud! If you are in the market for a wireless speaker that delivers across the board, the Buoy is for you.”- Ani Ray Prototype tester

It is expected that the campaign will help establish a more passionate clientele base. And, more tech- savvies will be interested to become proud backers. They will also share this campaign to others and they will all be completely satisfied with the product.


If you are interested to know more about the project, feel free to visit this link–3/x/12776854#/

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