Over 6 Million People Need Food in Indonesia: Gospel for Asia Families is Equally Vital

SYLMAR, CA – 5/28/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The need to help the more than 6,400,000 souls in Indonesia trying to get by while living below the poverty line is a very loud and clear call to action for Children’s Hunger Fund. While their prime goal and task is to deliver essential and minimum foods by which poverty stricken people must survive, the Christians running this charitable organization never forget to also share the Gospel for Asia and it’s people. It is their hope to satisfy the hunger of both the bodies and souls of the people of Indonesia.

Indonesia has a population exceeding 66.7 million individuals, and that number continues to grow, which makes the fact that 9.6% of those people, or more than 6,400,000, live below the poverty line. This makes Indonesia one of the prime target countries for the Children’s Hunger Fund to focus upon in delivering their Food Paks. These 20-pound boxes contain essential nutrients such as can be found in rice, beans, canned vegetables, dried fruit, and can be prepared and delivered at the very low price of only $.025 per meal.

With over 28,000 volunteers offering a caring hand in 2015, and having been able to distribute in excess of $1 billion in direct aid since its inception, Children’s Hunger Fund is a proven charitable organization that is making a difference in the United States as well around the world. Founded and operated by Christians, sharing the Gospel for Asia and Africa and other continents with growing populations and a strong Muslim influence is of the highest importance. You too can get involved and help make certain that the True and Living Word of God reaches those billions who most need his Love and Guidance. Find out the many ways that people in America are helping others less fortunate than them and in need of both kinds of Daily Bread by going to the Children’s Hunger Fund website.

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