28 May 2016,

WorkAfro Announces the next generation outsourcing platform with new unique features, setting its self apart  from other freelance industries by introducing CurateSmart, TrustWorthy and private project posting. 

WorkAfro aims at creating a new innovative way of working with enterprise and individual projects. The platform brings accountability and reliability through verified freelancers across Africa.

WorkAfro claims to introduce two technologies to the freelance market first one being

  • CurateSmart: is a data-driven algorithm used by WorkAfro to screen freelancers and insure quality service.
  • TrustWorthy : is a performance scoring and rating system for freelancers based on their quality outcome of submitted work through the platform. 

“ Our platform’s mission has been to create a new innovative way of accessing and managing cloud based talent. We have proven the power of our platform in the hands of African enterprises.” 

The new interface enables freelancers to market themselves out on their area of expertise, allowing them to display previous experience and skills acquired and above all to highlight recommendations provided by members of their network.

WorkAfro hopes to be a leading player in the freelance revolution by providing companies and Individuals with on-demand access to labor force. 

About WorkAfro

WorkAfro is an online freelance marketplace where businesses can easily hire freelancers to do their projects online. WorkAfro connects the two parties and guarantees the online business transaction is conducted smooth and safely. The platform has about 46,000 registered users and about 2,000 projects successfully done. In a nutshell this is an online platform that provides simplicity and security.

Media Contact
Company Name: WorkAfro
Contact Person: Joseph Mulenga Chipimo C.E.O
Phone: +821022284489
Country: South Korea