Crystal Meth Treatment In Arizona

At Elite Rehab Placement we pride ourselves on taking as much stress as possible out of the rehab process. It’s hard work to call several different rehab centers and listen to their sales team tell you why they are the best possible option for you. We’ve already done all of the research and work with several high quality centers, all over the nation, that we are intimately familiar with.
Abusing methamphetamine has many consequences, including chronic and compulsive behaviors that affect the user and their loved ones.

It is a serious addiction that can have lasting effects on the brain and body, which is why professional treatment is an imperative measure for those who suffer from its use. During Crystal Meth Treatment In Arizona we work with men who are addicted to methamphetamine and implement comprehensive and spiritual treatment models that reinforce sober living.

About Crystal Meth?

Methamphetamine is a man-made substance that mimics the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is responsible for reward-seeking behavior. Its effects are very powerful, highly addictive, and long-lasting, which is why many people seek out the drug as opposed to other, more fleeting stimulants. Meth can be abused in a variety of ways, either by smoking, injecting, snorting or oral consumption. Smoking and injecting methamphetamine is the preferred method of choice for many users, as it releases the drug into the blood stream at a faster rate than other methods.

Meth Addiction?

Like most stimulants, meth targets levels of dopamine in the brain, but whereas a drug like cocaine is quickly metabolized into the body, methamphetamine remains in the brain much longer. The nerves in the brain respond differently when meth is consumed, meaning that the drug increases the levels of dopamine while also blocking its re-uptake. The result is a much higher concentration in the brain, leading to a more intense high that lasts for up to 12 hours instead of 1 hour.

Because of the high levels of dopamine in the brain, users feel an intense euphoria that they want to maintain, but as with most drugs, the body begins to create a natural tolerance to its effects, causing users to increase their dosage. Methamphetamine also produces incredible withdrawal symptoms including severe depression, paranoia and intense cravings, causing users to incessantly search for the drug.

Side effects:

When smoked or injected, methamphetamine can create an immediate and incredibly pleasurable high that results in heightened attention, increased activity, rapid heartbeat, decreased appetite and continuous talking.

Researchers believe that meth impacts the microglia cell, which actively works to defend the brain against infections and remove damaged neurons. Using meth overstimulates these cells, causing the microglia to attack healthy neurons and induce many of the negative behaviors associated with meth use. Although much of the damage caused by methamphetamine is permanent, some effects are reversible with professional rehabilitation.

Crystal Meth treatment in Arizona
Our desire is to help men suffering from addictive disorders find a path toward fulfillment and sobriety. We use comprehensive treatment models that include faith- based experiences, clinical therapy.

Our clinical methodology is implemented by our Christian counselors who have experience working with individuals across various backgrounds and addictions. We practice both group and individual counseling services combined with community and recovery-related activities to create a moderately intense treatment schedule.

If you or a loved one is suffering from methamphetamine addiction and are ready to seek treatment, contact Crystal Meth treatment in Arizona and get started on a path that is free from suffering. Our goal is to restore life back into those afflicted with addiction; give us a call for more information.

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