OneBillionVegans Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign for Vegans

OneBillionVegans seeks up to $1M to set up an online platform for the vegan community

WOODLAND HILLS, CA – 5/28/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Experts around the world are starting to put a deadline on our planet, where life for humans becomes unsustainable, and that deadline is within most of our lifetimes. The solution is a massive adoption of a plant-based (vegan) diet. Becoming plant-based is like voting for earth to live, and for your children to have a future on it. JamesTheFourth, founder of OneBillionVegans, is on a mission to connect one billion vegan and plant-based individuals, to create the biggest positive global change that has ever been witnessed by mankind by propelling veganism toward critical mass. One Billion Vegans is a world we dream of living in, where 1/7th of the population makes decisions every day that affect the longevity of Earth.

OneBillionVegans is working to create an online platform to serve as the number one place to go for vegan people and businesses to connect, collaborate, and manifest plant-based projects, products, and services. This platform will have all the tools and elements necessary to assist anyone, anywhere in the world, in living the best vegan lifestyle possible to them. The mission is to build a plant-based future for everyone.

OneBillonVegans is proud to announce an exciting fundraising campaign on the international crowd funding site Indiegogo:

About JamesTheFourth

JamesTheFourth is a successful entrepreneur who has a passion to make a difference in his life, and he knows for a fact that the vegan movement is the first place that he will make a global impact. James became vegan in 2013 with the determination to feel and live a healthy life, and he realized there were so many other great reasons to be vegan. He began creating vegan websites and projects, starting with – an online directory service designed to aid vegans in finding business facilities that cater to them, and vegetarian facilities for those transitioning. Then, he made a social media platform – that counts and connects vegans across the world. Finally, JamesTheFourth made a calculator that calculates the positive results a person creates on the world around them every day by being vegan –

Now JamesTheFourth is taking a huge step by combining all of his experience into a huge worldwide movement: OneBillionVegans.

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