Galveston Capital of Jakarata Caters to Expatriates

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – 5/28/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Those Under the watchful eye from the so-called Panama Papers have sent shockwaves across the global financial services industry.

But it’s not the revelations that have investors gabbing at the water cooler. It’s that the reams of data leaked and disclosed came from sources likely well placed within a law firm.

If customer information was leaked from the confines of a tight-lipped attorney’s office, asset managers were aghast about the impact that the leaks would have on consumer confidence in the financial services sector. The increasing scrutiny by regulators of the assets and holdings in the expatriate community has made privacy almost as important as profit for many investors.

But while the Panama Papers and other similar disclosures have caught the attention of the mainstream media, ensuring confidential information remains confidential is nothing new for companies like Galveston Wealth.

Based in Jakarta, the boutique financial services firm caters to an expatriate clientele spread across the world.

For years, company officers have provided instruction and training to every Galveston broker, trader, analyst and advisor on the company’s privacy policy as it applies to its clients.

Galveston’s president says the employees welcome the training because it’s another tool for them to be transparent in dealings with customers who prioritize confidentiality.

“It’s important that they maintain confidence that their discussions and transactions will remain secure,” Michael Turner said.

And it’s not some idle procedure trotted out on the rarest occasion. Due to the wide range of market locations Galveston trades in, the policy’s implementation comes into play on an almost routine basis. Without it, Galveston’s brokers would have little guidance on the company’s protocol for keeping information confidential from prying eyes.

Leaks and illicit disclosures of customer’s assets is a major threat to the sanctity of doing business in the financial services industry. And rogue investigators are often trying to take a peek at the data of investors.

Without the policies and procedures like the ones Galveston uses, it’s difficult for customers to know how their information is being treated.

About the company:

Established in 2007, Galveston Wealth is a boutique, full service advisory firm that has tackled ongoing market fluctuations and global finance uncertainty with ease and experience.  Throughout the past decade, the brokers employed by Galveston Capital have demonstrated their capacity and agility in establishing and building long term wealth.

Galveston Wealth places priority on diversified portfolios that perfectly balance risk and reward, with long term investment solutions as the baseline for success. Despite a sometimes sluggish global economic recovery, Galveston Wealth always plans for the future, and seamlessly integrates their unique suite of migration protocols, aimed at reducing outflow when growth is slow.  Due to this approach, clients often see their assets stabilize during downturns, which means there is no pressure to sell.

It goes without saying that Galveston Capitol’s top priority is maximizing their client’s long term wealth.

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